Over Bed Table

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Elevate patient experience with the Over Bed Table, featuring adjustable height for personalized comfort, versatile functionality to support various activities, and a functional design seamlessly integrating into healthcare settings. A reliable and essential addition to enhance bedside convenience.


Over Bed Table

Enhance Patient Convenience with the Over Bed Table: Adjustable Height, Versatility, and Functional Design

Introducing the Over Bed Table, a versatile and practical solution designed to improve the convenience of patients in healthcare settings. With adjustable height, versatile functionality, and a functional design, this over bed table provides a reliable platform for various activities, making it an essential addition to patient care.

1. Adjustable Height for Personalized Comfort

The Over Bed Table is equipped with adjustable height features, allowing patients to personalize their experience based on their needs. Whether for meals, reading, or using electronic devices, the customizable height ensures optimal comfort, promoting a positive and tailored patient experience.

Uncover the adjustable height features:

  • Personalized height adjustments for patient comfort
  • Versatility for various activities in healthcare settings
  • Enhances the overall convenience of patients

2. Versatile Functionality to Support Various Activities

Designed with versatility in mind, the Over Bed Table serves as a multi-functional platform to support a range of patient activities. From serving meals to accommodating personal items or serving as a temporary workspace, its adaptability enhances the patient’s ability to engage in diverse activities from the comfort of their bed.

Discover the versatile functionality:

  • Multi-functional platform for diverse patient activities
  • Accommodates meals, personal items, and more
  • Adaptable design to support various needs

3. Functional Design for Seamless Integration

The Over Bed Table features a functional design that seamlessly integrates into healthcare environments. With smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility and a durable construction, it ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable addition to patient care settings.

Unleash the power of functional design:

  • Smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility
  • Durable construction for stability and reliability
  • Seamlessly integrates into healthcare environments

Main feature:
1. epoxy coated steel frame, with ABS engineering top board
2. The height can be adjusted by gas spring from 750 to1010mm;
3. Base with dia.50mm castors, two of them with brakes
4. Freight saving


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