Children Bed

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Elevate the healthcare experience for young patients with the Hospital Children Bed. Featuring pediatric comfort, safety features, and a playful design, this bed creates a comforting and engaging environment for children, promoting optimal healing and well-being.


Children Bed

Create a Comfortable Haven for Young Patients with the Hospital Children Bed: Pediatric Comfort, Safety Features, and Playful Design

Introducing the Hospital Children Bed, a specially crafted bed designed to provide a comforting and secure environment for young patients in healthcare settings. With a focus on pediatric comfort, safety features, and a playful design, this children’s bed ensures a positive and supportive experience for both children and their caregivers.

1. Pediatric Comfort at the Forefront of Healing

The Hospital Children Bed prioritizes pediatric comfort, offering a supportive and cozy haven for young patients. With a specially designed mattress and adjustable features, it ensures that children feel at ease during their stay, promoting restful sleep and aiding in the healing process.

Uncover the pediatric comfort features:

  • Specially designed mattress for optimal support
  • Adjustable features for personalized comfort
  • Creates a cozy and comforting environment for young patients

2. Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, and the Hospital Children Bed is equipped with features to provide peace of mind to both parents and healthcare professionals. From secure side rails to easy-to-operate controls, the bed ensures the safety of young patients, allowing caregivers to focus on providing the best possible care.

Discover the safety features:

  • Secure side rails for child safety
  • Easy-to-operate controls for caregiver convenience
  • Promotes a safe and secure environment for young patients

3. Playful Design for a Positive Healing Atmosphere

Designed with a playful aesthetic, the Hospital Children Bed aims to create a positive and engaging healing atmosphere. The bed’s cheerful design, vibrant colors, and optional themed accessories contribute to a more uplifting environment, distracting young patients from the clinical setting and fostering a sense of normalcy.

Unleash the power of playful design:

  • Cheerful aesthetic with vibrant colors
  • Optional themed accessories for personalization
  • Creates a positive and engaging healing atmosphere for children

Size: 1650mm (L)*825mm (W)*630mm/1285mm (H)
Packing size: 1900*900*330mm(2 pcs in a carton)

Main feature: 
1.epoxy coated bed platform,  aluminum alloy lateral guard rails;
2. Back rest function 0~45°, which can be operated by crank;
3. aluminum alloy  lateral guard rails with adjustable height


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