Patient Transfer Trolley

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Experience smooth and secure patient transfers with our Patient Transfer Trolley. Featuring an ergonomic design for patient comfort, efficiency-focused elements for seamless transfers, and safety features ensuring security, this transfer trolley is a versatile and essential tool for healthcare facilities.


Patient Transfer Trolley

Smooth Transitions, Seamless Care: Patient Transfer Trolley for Comfort and Efficiency

Introducing the Patient Transfer Trolley, a versatile and essential tool designed to facilitate smooth transitions and seamless care within healthcare facilities. With its ergonomic design, patient comfort features, and efficiency-focused elements, this transfer trolley ensures a secure and comfortable experience during patient transfers.

1. Ergonomic Design for Patient Comfort

The Patient Transfer Trolley prioritizes patient comfort with its ergonomic design. Padded surfaces, adjustable features, and a smooth transition mechanism ensure that patients experience a secure and comfortable transfer. This focus on ergonomics not only promotes patient well-being but also enhances the efficiency of healthcare professionals during the transfer process.

Uncover the ergonomic design features:

  • Padded surfaces for enhanced patient comfort
  • Adjustable features catering to individual needs
  • Smooth transition mechanism ensuring a secure transfer

2. Efficiency-Focused Elements for Seamless Transfers

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Patient Transfer Trolley incorporates features that streamline the transfer process. Easy-to-use controls, maneuverability options, and accessibility for healthcare professionals contribute to a seamless transfer experience. This ensures that patient transfers are conducted with precision and minimal disruption.

Discover the efficiency-focused elements highlights:

  • Easy-to-use controls for precise transfers
  • Maneuverability options for seamless navigation
  • Accessibility features for healthcare professionals

3. Safety Features Ensuring Secure Transfers

Safety is paramount, and the Patient Transfer Trolley is equipped with features to ensure secure transfers. Safety locks, sturdy construction, and adherence to safety standards contribute to a reliable and secure transfer environment. This focus on safety instills confidence in both patients and healthcare professionals.

Unleash the power of safety features:

  • Safety locks for secure positioning during transfers
  • Sturdy construction ensuring stability
  • Adherence to safety standards for a reliable transfer environment
*Manual hospital Emergency patient transfer trolley
*Central control brake system
*Bed can be raised and lowered
High quality ABS -Manual adjusting -Solid structure
SIZE: 1950mm x 650mm x 500/900mm
Back-rest lifting:0~75°;
6 inch central controlled caster;
Product Structure details:
The main frame is automatically pressed by the best alloy aluminum. Nice and strong in appearance.
The surface and protecting rails are sprayed by imported PE materials, strong and beautiful.


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