Revolving Stool

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Elevate your seating experience with the Revolving Stool. Featuring ergonomic design for optimal comfort, 360-degree rotation for unrestricted movement, and premium stability, this stool provides users with a dynamic and efficient seating solution in various settings.


Revolving Stool

Elevate Comfort and Mobility with the Revolving Stool: Ergonomic Design, 360-Degree Rotation, and Premium Stability

Introducing the Revolving Stool, a versatile seating solution designed for enhanced comfort and mobility in various settings. With its ergonomic design, 360-degree rotation capability, and premium stability, this stool provides users with a dynamic and efficient seating experience.

1. Ergonomic Design for Optimal Comfort

The Revolving Stool is crafted with an ergonomic design, prioritizing optimal comfort during extended periods of use. Its contoured seat and supportive features ensure that users experience reduced fatigue and discomfort, making it an ideal choice for tasks that require prolonged sitting.

Uncover the ergonomic design features:

  • Contoured seat for enhanced comfort
  • Supportive features for reduced fatigue
  • Ideal for prolonged sitting with ergonomic considerations

2. 360-Degree Rotation for Unrestricted Movement

Designed for dynamic functionality, the Revolving Stool features a 360-degree rotation capability. This allows users to enjoy unrestricted movement, making it convenient for tasks that require frequent turning and reaching. The stool’s swiveling feature enhances user mobility and accessibility.

Discover the 360-degree rotation features:

  • Swiveling capability for unrestricted movement
  • Convenient for tasks requiring frequent turning
  • Enhances user mobility and accessibility

3. Premium Stability for Confidence in Use

Equipped with a stable base and robust construction, the Revolving Stool provides premium stability, ensuring confidence in use. Whether in professional workspaces, laboratories, or home offices, users can rely on the stool’s stability for a secure and balanced seating experience.

Unleash the power of premium stability:

  • Stable base for a secure seating experience
  • Robust construction for long-lasting stability
  • Provides confidence in use across various settings


  • Mobile on five twin wheel swivel castors Ø 50 mm.
  • Gas lift for height adjustment from 490 – 680 mm.
  • Seat made from black imitation leather upholstery with
  • 50mm thick high density foam padding.
  • Five leg nylon base.

Knock down fabrication.


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