Electric Examination Couch

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Elevate the examination experience with our Electric Examination Couch. Offering electrically adjustable features for precision, an ergonomic design prioritizing patient comfort, and patient-centric elements fostering a positive environment, this couch redefines modern healthcare examinations


Electric Examination Couch

Elevated Comfort and Efficiency: Electric Examination Couch for Modern Healthcare

Introducing the Electric Examination Couch, a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide enhanced comfort and efficiency in modern healthcare settings. With its electrically adjustable features, ergonomic design, and patient-centric elements, this examination couch ensures a superior experience for both healthcare professionals and patients during examinations.

1. Electrically Adjustable Features for Precision

The Electric Examination Couch revolutionizes the examination experience with its electrically adjustable features. Healthcare professionals can easily customize the height, incline, and position of the couch, ensuring precision and comfort during examinations. This electric versatility promotes efficiency, accommodating diverse examination needs.

Uncover the electrically adjustable features:

  • Customizable height for personalized examinations
  • Incline adjustments for patient comfort
  • Easy positioning for precise examination needs

2. Ergonomic Design Prioritizing Patient Comfort

Patient comfort takes center stage with the Electric Examination Couch’s ergonomic design. Padded surfaces, adjustable headrests, and overall comfort-focused elements create a soothing environment for patients during examinations. This emphasis on ergonomic design contributes to a positive and stress-free experience for individuals seeking healthcare services.

Discover the ergonomic design highlights:

  • Padded surfaces ensuring patient comfort
  • Adjustable headrests for personalized support
  • Overall design promoting a stress-free examination experience

3. Patient-Centric Elements Enhancing the Experience

The Electric Examination Couch incorporates patient-centric elements to enhance the overall examination experience. The ease of getting on and off the couch, coupled with the quiet and smooth electric adjustments, contributes to a calm and reassuring environment. These elements are designed to foster a positive doctor-patient relationship.

Unleash the power of patient-centric elements:

  • Ease of getting on and off the couch for patients
  • Quiet and smooth electric adjustments for a reassuring environment
  • Fosters a positive doctor-patient relationship

Size: 1920mm(L)*650mm(W)*530-780mm(H)
Main features:
1. Epoxy coating frame ;
2. Back rest, operated by gas-spring ;
3. The height adjustable is from 530-780mm
3. High quantity polyurethane mattress, thickness: 3cm
4. Freight


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