Crash Cart

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Be prepared for critical emergencies with our Crash Cart. Featuring organized compartments for efficient access, advanced medical equipment for critical care, and a user-friendly design for swift deployment, this cart ensures healthcare professionals are equipped for life-saving interventions.


Crash Cart

Rapid Response Ready: Crash Cart for Critical Emergency Care

Introducing the Crash Cart, an essential and life-saving tool designed for rapid response in critical emergency situations. With its organized compartments, advanced medical equipment, and user-friendly design, this crash cart ensures healthcare professionals have immediate access to the necessary supplies and devices needed to provide swift and effective emergency care.

1. Organized Compartments for Efficient Access

The Crash Cart is meticulously organized, featuring clearly labeled compartments for quick and efficient access to emergency supplies. With designated spaces for medications, airway management tools, and other critical items, healthcare professionals can respond rapidly in high-pressure situations, ensuring every second counts.

Uncover the organized compartment features:

  • Clearly labeled compartments for easy identification
  • Quick and efficient access to emergency supplies
  • Designated spaces for medications and airway management tools

2. Advanced Medical Equipment for Critical Care

Equipped with advanced medical equipment, the Crash Cart is prepared for a range of critical emergency scenarios. From defibrillators and cardiac drugs to airway management devices, the cart ensures that healthcare professionals have the necessary tools at their fingertips to initiate life-saving interventions promptly.

Discover the advanced medical equipment highlights:

  • Defibrillators for immediate cardiac intervention
  • Cardiac drugs for rapid response in critical situations
  • Airway management devices for swift and effective care

3. User-Friendly Design for Quick Deployment

The Crash Cart features a user-friendly design, allowing for quick deployment during emergencies. With easy-to-use drawers, accessible side rails, and a compact yet robust structure, healthcare professionals can maneuver the cart swiftly to the site of an emergency, ensuring a rapid and effective response.

Unleash the power of user-friendly design:

  • Easy-to-use drawers for quick access to supplies
  • Accessible side rails for convenient maneuverability
  • Compact yet robust structure for quick deployment


aluminum alloy column with ABS engineering plastic construction

Luxury trolley for treatment
Size: L818*W525*H985mm
Packing size: 880*600*1060mm
main feature:
1. aluminum alloy column with ABS engineering plastic construction
2. base with dia.125mm castors, two of which with brakes
3. two drawers (1 small size, 1 middle size) with central locking system, inner with
medicine divider. Bottom with one small cupboard
4. related accessories :
(1) IV rod; (2) two waste bins; (3)file cassette (4) Sliding side shelf
(5) ABS cardiac boards; (6) power outlet & hooks
5. Other accessories such as defibrillator shelf and needle disposal container can
be added up upon special request. Please remember to contact us for the pricing
due to this change



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