Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set

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Discover the efficiency of precision diagnostics with the Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set. Compact, convenient, and patient-centric, this set elevates your clinical capabilities. Experience clear and accurate diagnoses with this all-in-one diagnostic powerhouse.


ri-former® Modular Diagnostic Station

A modular diagnostic system offering the optional modules which can measure blood pressure (NIBP), temperature, and with centralized electricity power supply it can support up to 5 instrument-handles with choice of heads; ophthalmoscope, otoscope, dermatoscope, retinoscope, tongue blade holder or nasal speculum.


Dimensions Diagnostic Station: 200 x 180.5 x 75 mm (800 g)
Extension Module: 200 x 100 x 75 mm (500 g)
Power Supply Input: 100 V-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz / 0,6 A
Output: 5 V DC / 3 A / 15 W
Diagnostic station Input: 5 V DC / 3 A / 15 W
Output 1: 1 x 3.5 V dc / 700 mA
Output 2: 2 x 5 V dc / 2 x 1,15 A
Extension Module Input: 5 V DC / 3 A / 15 W
Output 1: 1 x 3,5 V dc / 700 mA
Output 2: 1 x 5 V dc / 1 x 1,15 A
Classification Application part type B
Swith-on time ON: 1 Min OFF: 5 Min
Operating conditions 0° C to + 40° C,10% up to 85 %relative humidity
Storage and transport conditions -5° C to + 50° C, 10% up to 85 % relative humidity
Airpressure 700 bis 1050 hPa

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Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set: Precision Diagnosis at Your Fingertips

Compact Efficiency on Your Wall

Introducing the Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set, a compact powerhouse designed for precision diagnostics in the convenience of your practice. This all-in-one set seamlessly mounts on your wall, offering easy access to essential diagnostic tools. Elevate your clinical capabilities with a diagnostic set that combines efficiency, convenience, and advanced technology.

Key features for precision diagnostics:

  • Otoscope and ophthalmoscope for comprehensive examinations
  • Wall-mounted design for space-efficient accessibility
  • LED illumination for clear and accurate diagnostics

Effortless Examinations, Enhanced Accuracy

Streamline your diagnostic examinations with the Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set’s user-friendly design. The otoscope and ophthalmoscope provide clear visuals, while the wall-mounted arrangement ensures easy access and organization. Elevate your clinical efficiency by incorporating a diagnostic set that enhances accuracy in every examination.

Efficiency-driven features:

  • Swivel arm for flexible positioning
  • Rechargeable handles for continuous use
  • Easy-to-replace instrument heads for versatility

Patient-Centric Care Through Clear Diagnoses

Prioritize patient-centric care by delivering clear and accurate diagnoses with the Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set. The LED illumination technology ensures a bright and focused examination, contributing to a positive patient experience. Elevate your diagnostic conversations with patients by using a set that enhances clarity and transparency.

Patient-friendly features:

  • Gentle and non-intrusive examinations
  • Reduced glare for patient comfort
  • Minimal noise for a serene examination environment


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