Ent unit

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Experience the efficiency of comprehensive ENT care with the ENT Unit. All-in-one excellence, streamlined examinations, and patient-centric convenience. Elevate your ENT practice with this advanced unit that brings all the essential tools into one comprehensive solution.


ENT Unit: Comprehensive Care in One Station

Brand ;Belse -china

All-In-One ENT Excellence

Introducing the ENT Unit, a comprehensive solution that brings all the essential tools for Ear, Nose, and Throat care into one station. This all-in-one unit is designed to streamline your ENT procedures, providing efficiency and convenience in a single setup. Elevate your ENT practice with a unit that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features.

Key features for comprehensive care:

  • Otoscope, rhinoscope, and laryngoscope for thorough examinations
  • Integrated suction system for efficient debris removal
  • Adjustable chair for patient comfort and accessibility

Streamlined Examinations, Enhanced Precision

Streamline your ENT examinations with the ENT Unit’s user-friendly design and integrated tools. The otoscope, rhinoscope, and laryngoscope offer clear and detailed visuals, ensuring enhanced precision in your diagnoses. Elevate your clinical efficiency by incorporating a unit that simplifies ENT procedures without compromising on quality.

Efficiency-driven features:

  • Touchscreen controls for intuitive operation
  • Flexible arm for versatile positioning
  • Adjustable light intensity for optimal visualization

Patient-Centric Care Through Convenience

Prioritize patient-centric care by delivering comprehensive ENT examinations with the ENT Unit. The integrated suction system ensures efficient debris removal, contributing to a positive patient experience. Elevate your patient interactions by using a unit that enhances convenience and comfort during ENT procedures.

Patient-friendly features:

  • Quiet operation for a serene examination environment
  • Ergonomic chair design for patient ease
  • Reduced examination time for patient convenience
  • Ent Unit INU-3500 – Medone Innotech – Korea
  • ► OPTION
    ㆍAntibacterial marble (under cover)
    ㆍBuilt-in vision (INV-150C) LED
    ㆍBuilt-in scope drawer
    ㆍAuto stop warm heater
    Main body : 1set
    02. Illumination light : 1set
    03. Light pole (sus) : 1set
    04. Spray gun (str3/cuv1) : 1set
    05. Suction pump : 1set
    06. Air compressor : 1set
    07. Medicine tray : 1set
    08. Medicine bottle : 12set
    09. Waste receptacle hanger : 1set
    10. Cotton ball can ø50×100 : 2ea
    11. Causes can with cover ø78×70 : 2set
    12. Instrument can ø78×80 : 4ea
    13. Waste receptacle ø100×110 : 2ea
    14. Waste receptacle cover ø100 : 1ea
    15. Suction bottle with cover 2500cc : 1set
    16. Suction bottle with cover 300cc : 1set
    ㆍModel : INU-3500
    ㆍPower source : AC 220v, 50/60Hz
    ㆍPower consumption : 1,000va, max
    ㆍDimension : 1100mm(w) x 620mm(d) x 850mm(h), ±20mm  /  post pole 1925(h), max


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