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Embark on a journey of scientific discovery with the Microscope. Unparalleled optical clarity, versatile applications, and effortless operation make this precision instrument a cornerstone for research excellence. Elevate your laboratory work with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.


Microscope: Precision Vision for Scientific Discovery

Optical Clarity and Scientific Precision

Introducing the Microscope, a tool that opens a window into the microscopic world with unparalleled optical clarity. This precision instrument is designed to empower scientific discovery by providing detailed and magnified views of specimens. Elevate your research and analysis with a microscope that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

Key features for scientific precision:

  • High-resolution optics for detailed magnification
  • Adjustable magnification levels for versatile applications
  • LED illumination for clear and bright specimen visualization

Versatile Applications, Enhanced Research

Explore versatile applications with the Microscope’s adjustable magnification levels, catering to a wide range of scientific disciplines. From biological research to material analysis, this microscope is a versatile companion for various laboratory needs. Elevate your scientific endeavors by incorporating a tool that adapts to the diverse requirements of your research.

Versatility-driven features:

  • Coaxial focusing for precise specimen examination
  • Trinocular head for easy attachment of imaging devices
  • Large stage area for accommodating various specimen sizes

Effortless Operation, Maximum Comfort

Streamline your laboratory work with the Microscope’s user-friendly design and ergonomic features. The coaxial focusing and trinocular head ensure effortless operation, while the large stage area enhances comfort during specimen examination. Elevate your research experience by using a microscope that prioritizes ease of use without compromising on advanced functionality.

Efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Ergonomic design for prolonged use without fatigue
  • User-friendly controls for intuitive operation
  • Quick and easy magnification adjustments for efficient research

Specification Microscope

  • Microscope Head(OEM JAPAN)
  • Eye Piece 5X
  • Objective lens 3X,5X,8X 3steps
  • Beam Splitter Built in
  • Illumination system Light Guide system
  • Binocular tube Straight type(standard)
  • Effective visual field 50-20mm
  • Weight 5.8Kg


  • Light Source
  • Guide Cable
  • Mounted arm
  • Tilting arm
  • Tow-limb pantograph arm
  • Microscope head


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