Square Scale BP Apparatus

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Experience the future of blood pressure monitoring with Square Scale BP Apparatus. Merging modern design with precision technology, this apparatus offers accurate readings for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking a stylish and reliable blood pressure monitoring solution.



Introducing the Square Scale BP Apparatus, a state-of-the-art blood pressure measurement device with a distinctive square design for precision and style. Combining accuracy with a modern aesthetic, this apparatus sets a new standard in blood pressure monitoring, catering to the needs of healthcare professionals and individuals seeking reliable readings.

1. Square Scale Precision for Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Square Scale BP Apparatus merges a unique square design with precision in blood pressure measurement. Equipped with advanced technology, including a square scale gauge mechanism, it ensures accurate readings, providing healthcare professionals and individuals with reliable results for diagnostic assessments and proactive health management.

Uncover the precision features:

  • Square scale gauge mechanism for accurate readings
  • Modern square design for a distinctive aesthetic
  • Ideal for precise diagnostic assessments

2. Versatile and Portable Health Companion

Designed for versatility, the Square Scale BP Apparatus is both portable and adaptable to various healthcare settings. Its square design enhances its portability, making it a practical choice for healthcare practitioners who require a reliable blood pressure measurement tool for on-the-go assessments.

Discover the versatility features:

  • Square and compact design for easy portability
  • Lightweight construction for on-the-go assessments
  • Suitable for both clinical and at-home use

3. User-Friendly Operation with Contemporary Style

The Square Scale BP Apparatus features a user-friendly design that incorporates a contemporary touch. Clear markings, an adjustable cuff, and intuitive controls ensure that healthcare professionals and individuals can easily operate the device, making blood pressure monitoring hassle-free and efficient.

Unleash the power of contemporary style:

  • Clear markings for easy reading of blood pressure values
  • Adjustable cuff for personalized patient comfort
  • Designed for straightforward and efficient blood pressure monitoring

big ben® Sphygmomanometer

Features and benefits
for both the clinician and patient

  • Easy to read, generously dimensioned scale (Ø 147.2mm or 145.5mm)
  • High-contrast visual display
  • BP measurement scale up to 300 mm Hg
  • Spacious basket on the reverse side or on mobile stand, for tubes and cuffs
  • Latex free
  • German engineered air-release valve with fine adjustment
  • Micro-filter to protect the release valve and measurement system to prevent contamination to internal mechanisms
  • Specially hardened copper-beryllium membrane, which is resistant to ageing, can withstand pressures of up to maximum 600 mm Hg
  • Wall rail clamp mounting made of glass-fibre reinforced ABS plastic: as strong as steel.
  • Precision mechanism mounted on a special support, in order to ensure complete stability of the BP measuring system and the zero-point for calibration and consistent, accurate readings
  • Maximum error tolerance: ± 2 mm Hg
  • Approved by the BIHS validation,


Options wall; desk; rail; mobile
Weight 1600g; 1300g; 1200g; 4000g
Accurac ±3 mmHg
(±2 mmHg Riester inhouse standard)
Calibration Lifetime measuring technology;
No recalibration needed when used properly
Measurement conditions 10o C to 40o C at 85% relative humidity
Microfilter Yes
Shock-resistant Yes
Latex-free Optional


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