Purell Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

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Experience effortless hand hygiene with the Purell Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser. Utilizing advanced motion-sensing technology, this dispenser ensures a touch-free approach to optimal hand cleanliness. With a refillable and efficient design, it promotes sustainability in sanitization efforts, reducing waste. Elevate your hand hygiene standards with a dispenser that combines innovation, reliability, and a touch of modern elegance to any environment.


Purell Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

1. Motion-Activated Sanitization

Elevate Hand Hygiene

Introducing the Purell Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, redefining hand hygiene with a touchless experience. Experience the effortless way to maintain clean hands through motion-activated sanitization. Whether you’re in a healthcare facility, office, or public space, the Purell Automatic Dispenser ensures a seamless and hygienic solution, elevating hand hygiene standards.

Unlock the potential of touchless sanitization. The Purell Automatic Dispenser utilizes advanced motion-sensing technology, providing a hands-free approach to optimal hand hygiene. Elevate your hand cleanliness standards with a dispenser that combines innovation, reliability, and a commitment to effortless hygiene.

GOJO® 2740-12 TFX 1200 mL Dove Gray Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Great for hand washing in clinics, restrooms and kitchens
  • Attractive dove gray coloring
  • Dispenses approximately 1200 times per fill-up
  • Trouble-free, touch less system
  • Large front window, skylight, and indicator light to easily monitor fill level
  • Can be installed easily with tape or screws
  • Requires (3) C-sized batteries. Batteries sold separately

Ensure optimal hand washing in high-traffic areas with this GOJO® 2740-12 TFX 1200 mL dove gray touchless hand soap dispenser. Dispensing 1200 times per fill-up, this product minimizes refills and cross contamination with a touch less system! The smart, trouble-free dispenser is compatible with GOJO® TFX refill cartridges and can easily be added to your clinic , restroom or kitchen. Plus, it incorporates a large front window, innovative skylight, and indicator light so your employees can easily monitor the fill level.

Made of durable plastic, this touch less hand soap dispenser is a great addition to any clinic, school, restaurant, or hotel. For quality assurance, it even comes with a 1 year warranty.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 6″
Depth: 4″
Height: 10 1/2″
Capacity: 1200 mL


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