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Discover the convenience of real-time health monitoring with our Finger Pulse Oximeter. Compact and portable, this device provides immediate insights into your oxygen saturation levels wherever you go. User-friendly operation ensures stress-free health monitoring, empowering you to elevate your health awareness effortlessly. Make informed decisions about your well-being with the Finger Pulse Oximeter today.



1. Real-Time Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

Elevate Health Awareness

Introducing the Finger Pulse Oximeter, your portable window to real-time oxygen saturation monitoring. Experience the empowerment of knowing your oxygen levels on the go, whether you’re at home, during workouts, or engaging in outdoor activities. The Finger Pulse Oximeter ensures immediate insights into your vital health metrics, allowing you to elevate your health awareness effortlessly.

2. Compact and Portable Design

Health Insight at Your Fingertips

The Finger Pulse Oximeter boasts a Compact and Portable Design, allowing you to carry your health insight wherever you go. Whether it’s in your pocket, bag, or attached to your keychain, this oximeter ensures that you have immediate access to your vital health metrics at your fingertips. Experience the convenience of health monitoring without sacrificing mobility.

Our pulse oximeter is reliable and durable and is an essential item for many medical practitioners. The medical pulse oximeter features a large digital LED display which clearly features the SpO2, pulse rate, pulse rate bar graph and pulse rate waveform. If you are in the market to buy a pulse oximeter, contact LFA First Response today for a quick quote or to find out more information. Please be aware that the item may vary slightly from the image.


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