Gynecology Couch

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Elevate the gynecological care experience with our Gynecology Couch. Offering patient-centric comfort, adjustable features tailored to individual needs, and an ergonomic design focused on well-being, this couch ensures a positive and empowering experience for women during examinations.


Gynecology Couch

Care Beyond Comfort: Gynecology Couch for Patient-Centric Examinations

Introducing the Gynecology Couch, a specialized and patient-centric solution designed to provide comfort, accessibility, and versatility during gynecological examinations. With its ergonomic design, adjustable features, and emphasis on patient well-being, this couch ensures a positive and empowering experience for women in healthcare settings.

1. Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort

The Gynecology Couch is crafted with an emphasis on patient comfort. Its ergonomic design ensures that women feel at ease during examinations, with cushioned support and adjustable features catering to individual preferences. This focus on comfort creates a conducive environment for open communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Uncover the ergonomic design features:

  • Cushioned support for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable features catering to individual needs
  • Creates a conducive environment for open communication

2. Adjustable Features Tailored to Individual Needs

Versatility is key in the Gynecology Couch, with adjustable features that cater to the diverse needs of patients. Height-adjustable stirrups, reclining options, and customizable positions ensure that examinations can be tailored to the unique requirements of each patient, promoting a sense of control and empowerment.

Discover the adjustable features highlights:

  • Height-adjustable stirrups for flexibility
  • Reclining options for varied examinations
  • Customizable positions for individual preferences

3. Patient Well-Being at the Forefront

The Gynecology Couch places patient well-being at the forefront of its design. Beyond physical comfort, the couch is designed to create a calming atmosphere, promoting emotional well-being during sensitive examinations. This patient-centric approach aims to reduce anxiety and enhance the overall experience for women in gynecological care.

Unleash the power of patient well-being features:

  • Calming atmosphere for emotional well-being
  • Reduces anxiety during sensitive examinations
  • Enhances the overall experience for women in gynecological care


>> Structure made from Non-magnetic stainless steel tube
>> Imitation leather upholstery with 50mm thick foam padded
>> Single hand operating adjustable backrest
>> Extendable sliding foot section
>> Lithotomy poles with PU leg support
>> Stainless steel tray for drainage
>> Paper roll holder
>> Foldable Legs
>> Quick Assembling Design

Head Section : 77 cm x 61 cm
Seat : 57 cm x 61 cm
Height : 86 cm

>> Gynecology Examination Couch with Lithotomy Poles, Drainage
Tray, Paper Roll Holder


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