Hospital Delivery Bed

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Ensure a positive birthing experience with the Hospital Delivery Bed. Offering adjustable positions for personalized comfort, advanced safety features for secure childbirth, and a patient-centric design for enhanced birthing journeys, this delivery bed is an essential component in providing comfort and safety during childbirth


Hospital Delivery Bed

Ensure Comfort and Safety in Childbirth with the Hospital Delivery Bed: Adjustable Positions, Safety Features, and Patient-Centric Design

Introducing the Hospital Delivery Bed, a specialized and essential component designed to provide expectant mothers with a safe and comfortable environment during childbirth. With adjustable positions, advanced safety features, and a patient-centric design, this delivery bed ensures a positive birthing experience for both mothers and healthcare professionals.

1. Adjustable Positions for Personalized Comfort

The Hospital Delivery Bed is equipped with multiple adjustable positions, allowing expectant mothers to find the most comfortable and conducive posture during childbirth. Whether it’s the lithotomy, squatting, or reclining position, the bed’s adaptability caters to the diverse needs and preferences of mothers, enhancing their overall comfort.

Uncover the adjustable position features:

  • Multiple positions for personalized comfort
  • Accommodates lithotomy, squatting, and reclining postures
  • Enhances the birthing experience with versatile adjustability

2. Safety Features Ensuring Secure Childbirth

Safety is paramount during childbirth, and the Hospital Delivery Bed is designed with advanced safety features to ensure a secure environment. From sturdy handrails for support to easily accessible emergency controls, the bed provides healthcare professionals with the tools they need to respond swiftly and effectively to any situation, prioritizing the safety of both mother and baby.

Discover the safety feature highlights:

  • Sturdy handrails for additional support
  • Easily accessible emergency controls
  • Ensures a secure environment for childbirth

3. Patient-Centric Design for Enhanced Birthing Experience

Crafted with a patient-centric approach, the Hospital Delivery Bed prioritizes the overall birthing experience. The bed’s design includes features such as comfortable padding, easy-to-use controls, and a welcoming aesthetic, creating a supportive and reassuring atmosphere for expectant mothers.

Unleash the power of patient-centric design:

  • Comfortable padding for a reassuring feel
  • User-friendly controls for ease of use
  • Creates a supportive atmosphere for a positive birthing experience


  • Epoxy coated steel bed frame, with ABS engineering plastic side and head board;
  • Telescopic working table , to be controlled by linear bearing, telescopic length : 550mm;
  • Three function , which are operated by electric motor :
  • back rest:0-70±5º
  • high-low:300±30mm
  • Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg 12±2º
  • equipped with 8cm thickness high density sponge mattress covered with artificial leather.
    adjustable leg support and sliding grip holder.
  • four dia-125mm castors, which are with central brakes

Size: 2000/1450mm(L)*900/660mm(W)*620/920mm(H)


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