Examination Couch

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Enhance the examination experience with the Examination Couch. Offering padded support for patient comfort, adjustable features for versatile assessments, and a contemporary design for a modern clinical setting, this examination couch is a reliable and patient-centric solution for healthcare professionals.


Examination Couch

Elevate Patient Comfort and Clinical Efficiency with the Examination Couch: Padded Support, Adjustable Features, and Contemporary Design

Introducing the Examination Couch, a versatile and essential component in healthcare settings designed to ensure optimal patient comfort during examinations. With its padded support, adjustable features, and contemporary design, this examination couch provides healthcare professionals with a reliable and patient-centric solution for various medical assessments.

1. Padded Support for Enhanced Patient Comfort

The Examination Couch is equipped with plush and supportive padding, prioritizing patient comfort during examinations. The comfortable cushioning ensures a relaxed experience for patients, making the examination process more tolerable and contributing to an overall positive patient-doctor interaction.

Uncover the padded support features:

  • Plush and supportive padding for patient comfort
  • Ensures a relaxed experience during examinations
  • Contributes to a positive patient-doctor interaction

2. Adjustable Features Catering to Diverse Examinations

Designed with versatility in mind, the Examination Couch features adjustable elements to accommodate a variety of medical assessments. From customizable height adjustments to reclining options, it allows healthcare professionals to tailor the examination environment, ensuring optimal conditions for different procedures.

Discover the adjustable features:

  • Customizable height adjustments for diverse patients
  • Reclining options for varied medical assessments
  • Enhances clinical efficiency with versatile adjustability

3. Contemporary Design for a Modern Clinical Setting

Crafted with a contemporary aesthetic, the Examination Couch adds a modern touch to clinical environments. The sleek and functional design not only complements the overall atmosphere of the healthcare facility but also contributes to creating a professional and inviting space for patients.

Unleash the power of contemporary design:

  • Sleek and functional design for a modern clinical setting
  • Complements the overall atmosphere of healthcare facilities
  • Creates a professional and inviting space for patients


  • Structure made from non magnetic stainless steel tubes.
  • Black imitation leather upholstery with 50 mm
  • Thick foam padding.
  • Single hand operated adjustable back rest.
  • Paper roll holder
  • Knock down fabrication.

Dim: Length: 1850 mm Width: 620 mm Height: 750 mm


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