Endoscopy machine HD 550

Introducing the Endoscopy Machine HD 550 – a groundbreaking advancement in medical imaging technology that redefines the standards of precision and clarity. Engineered for exceptional visual performance, this high-definition endoscopy system is designed to empower healthcare professionals with unparalleled diagnostic capabilities.

Endoscopy machine HD 550

The one-stop, cost effective, High Definition Video Endoscopy System just got better. SonoScape’s HD-550 Processor has evolved in many ways, excelling in a variety of routine and complex procedures.

More versatile with the new multi-mode VIST (Versatile Intelligent Staining Technology)
VIST multi-mode is interchangeable at the touch of a button, without any delay you can notice.

A clear vision with Full HD output
Armed with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, HD-550 supports 1080p resolution.

Brilliant workflow  
HD-550 inherits the built-in workstation with 500GB of hard disk. It allows you to access patient data, to capture and record images and videos, to create and edit reports in one spot without the need of any extra software


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