Experience the future of eye care with our advanced Tonometer. Elevate your health journey with precision measurements and a sleek design. Monitor effortlessly and embrace a lifestyle where well-being meets style. Invest in your vision today

Keeler Pulsair intelliPuff Non-Contact Tonometer

1. Precision in Measurement

Elevate Your Health Monitoring

Discover unparalleled accuracy with our advanced Tonometer. Engineered with precision in mind, this device ensures meticulous measurement of your intraocular pressure (IOP). Understand your eye health with confidence, as our Tonometer provides reliable readings crucial for proactive eye care. Don’t compromise on precision—invest in your well-being today.

Unleash the potential to safeguard your vision. The cutting-edge technology within our Tonometer guarantees precise measurements, empowering you to monitor your eye health with ease. Make informed decisions about your well-being and experience the confidence that comes with accurate data.

2. User-Friendly Innovation

Effortless Monitoring, Anytime, Anywhere

Revolutionize your health routine with our user-friendly Tonometer. Designed for seamless integration into your daily life, this device brings eye health monitoring to your fingertips. The intuitive interface and ergonomic design make it easy for anyone to use, ensuring hassle-free measurements without compromising accuracy.

Take charge of your eye health effortlessly. Our Tonometer’s user-friendly features make monitoring a breeze, allowing you to stay proactive about your well-being. Embrace the convenience of at-home measurements, and prioritize your eye health with a tool that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly.

3. Sleek Design for Modern Living

Style Meets Health

Introducing the Tonometer that blends cutting-edge health technology with sleek design. Elevate your space with this modern accessory that not only monitors your eye health but also adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Embrace the synergy of style and well-being.

Make a statement with our Tonometer – a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek design complements modern living, ensuring that you not only invest in your health but also elevate the visual appeal of your space. Embody a lifestyle where health meets style effortlessly.

he Keeler Pulsair intelliPuff Non-Contact Tonometer’s exclusive LED technology removes daily consumables costs of tonometry, while providing fast, accurate results. The Keeler intelligent puff system starts with a gentle puff and automatically increases if a patient has high pressures. It is the only model that can be wall-mounted, and it takes up less than half of the space of conventional non-contact tonometers.


Elegant Design
A small, space-saving footprint combined with the elegant, pump, solenoid control valves, a plenum chamber, and an optical mainframe allow efficient and fast measurement. The openness of the design increases the confidence of both patient and clinician. LED illumination provides a constant and reliable light source for the alignment camera and the positional detection systems. The quietly cost-effective Pulsair IntelliPuff requires no sterile consumables. Printing is also under your control, so ongoing costs are managed.This versitial tonometer can be wall-mounted or desk-mounted.

Being handheld, Pulsair intelliPuff avoids the need to position the patient in a chinrest – fast and easy to use while the patient is already seated in an examination chair.


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