Vision Chart

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Elevate your vision testing experience with our Comprehensive Vision Chart. Designed for unparalleled clarity and accuracy, this essential tool ensures precise visual acuity measurements for eye care professionals and clinics. Prioritize patient comfort with a user-friendly and non-reflective design, creating a comfortable environment for accurate and reliable vision assessments. Choose versatility and accuracy with our Comprehensive Vision Chart.

Ophthalmology Vision Chart Testing 18.5-21.5″ LED Display Eye Chart Projector

LY-185 LCD Visual Chart


1,Unique intelligent function: Customer uses direction keys on the controller to answer instrument according to his/her judgment of the optotypes randomly appeared on the screen, system automatically speaks out the best value of eyesight.

2,Screen Brightness can be adjusted to be fit for the environment. The maximal screen brightness is 250cd/m2 according to national standard.

3,Delicate design, high definition display: This instrument is designed with professional video and audio multimedia processing technology, with rapid response and convenient operation.

4,With protecting function to ensure long lifespan of the screen.

5,Compatible with multifold types of video and audio files.

6,Accurate and exact, effective distance is 1-6m, can be adjusted to the minimum distance(1m) for crowded area.

7,With the maximum 3 lines and 8 rows of optotypes showing on screen, convenient for test.

8,Numerous option of optotypes: international Coptotypes, Eoptotypes , letter optotypes, children optotypes ,numeric optotypes,  astigmatic optotypes, cross optotypes, binocular balance optotypes, color blindness optotypes, and so on. 3D-types instrument is designed with stereo polarization specially used for examine of stereo vision and binocular balance.

9,Convenient and quick installation: simply hang or place on solid surface, easy to maintenance.

10,LCD screen with the minimum 0.248mm of dot pitch and high resolution, vivid to display optotypes.

11,Powerful extended function: instrument can be used as a computer display, or as a multimedia player with U disc.



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