Dental Intraoral camera

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Explore the future of dental diagnostics with the Dental Intraoral Camera. Crystal-clear imaging, patient-centric communication, and seamless integration into your practice. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and patient satisfaction with this revolutionary intraoral imaging tool.


Dental Intraoral camera With Screen

Dental Intraoral camera. The intraoral camera is an amazing diagnostic tool for viewing different angles in the mouth that we would not have been able to just a few years ago. The camera gives us the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor so that we can get a closer look at any potential issues or problems that may arise. In addition, the patient will have the ability to see for themselves first hand the same images we are seeing. These digital images are also excellent for gaining procedure acceptance from insurance companies.

Dental Intraoral camera

  • 5 million pixel high-definition wired probe.
  • 17 inch LCD display resolution 1280*1024.
  • Photos automatically backup to U disk
  • optional WiFi version, which is image transmission function.
  • The screen size: 15 / 17 inches.
  • The customer service service: one year maintenance.
  • The vertical viewing angle: 135 degrees.
  • The black and white response time: 2 ms .
  • The gray scale response time: 2 ms.
  • The pitch: 0.264mm.
  • The panel type: TN.
  • The interface type: VGA + USB .
  • The average brightness: 1000cd/m^2.
  • The resolution: 1024X768.
  • The level of visual angle: 135 degrees.
  • The LCD screen type: perfect screen.
  • The proportion of the screen: 4:3 / 16:9.
  • The nominal contrast: 10000:1.
  • The screen type: LED


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