Apex Locator

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Discover the Apex Locator, a game-changer in dental precision. Streamline your workflow, prioritize patient comfort, and elevate your practice with cutting-edge technology. Achieve superior accuracy in every root canal procedure.


Apex Locator: Pinpoint Accuracy for Dental Procedures

Precision at its Core

Introducing the Apex Locator, your ultimate tool for achieving pinpoint accuracy in dental procedures. With cutting-edge sensor technology, this device takes precision to a whole new level, ensuring accurate apex measurements during root canal treatments. Experience confidence in every procedure as you navigate the root canal with unparalleled accuracy.

Key features for precision:

  • Advanced electronic measurement technology
  • Real-time feedback for precise location tracking
  • Intuitive display for easy interpretation of measurements

Streamlined Workflow, Superior Efficiency

Revolutionize your dental practice with the Apex Locator’s ability to streamline your workflow. Say goodbye to time-consuming procedures and hello to efficiency. This device seamlessly integrates into your root canal treatments, providing real-time data and minimizing guesswork. Elevate your practice with a tool designed to enhance your efficiency.

Efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Quick and easy setup for immediate use
  • Intuitive interface for user-friendly operation
  • Compact design for convenient chairside use

Patient Comfort at the Forefront

Prioritize patient comfort without compromising on accuracy. The Apex Locator’s gentle and non-invasive approach to measurements ensures a positive experience for your patients. The ergonomic design and minimal discomfort make it an essential tool for any dental professional aiming for excellence in patient care.

Patient-friendly features:

  • Non-invasive measurement technology
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Reduced treatment time for enhanced patient satisfaction

Woodpecker III Style Endodontic Apex Locator Root Canal

  • The one-button operation, simple and convenient.
  • 4.5 ” LCD screen concise and clear .
  • High testing accuracy, widly used in different oral environment .
  • Specification Oral dedicated CE line, ensures safe .
  • Automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate.


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