Radiant Warmer

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Introducing our Radiant Warmer – an advanced medical device designed to create a controlled and warm environment for newborns in neonatal care. This state-of-the-art radiant warmer ensures optimal thermal conditions for infants, particularly crucial for premature or low-birth-weight babies who require careful temperature regulation for their well-being.


Radinat Warmer

Specification :-

Infant Radiant Warmer Silver from Desco India has advance micro processor controlled system which comes with self check on the electronic circuit for Skin/ Manual control.

The Manual / Servo two function control modes provides more flexibility while optimizing the thermal environment.

It has Digital Display of Baby Temperature / Set Temperature.

The baby Bed is Spacious and can be incorporated easily with drop down sides for maximum access to the baby.

The system is fitted with 50mm high quality castors having brakes in front 2 castors.

The Control Panel is used as complete integrated alarm system with both audible and visual Indicators in the event of

  • Probe Fail  • Skin High  • Skin Low  • Power Fail

Manual Mode is used for converting the warmer from servo mode to manual mode for non-stop working.

The heat in the manual mode is locked at 50% to give more protection for the baby.

Heater Assembly is located above the center of the support structure consisting of radiant heater and reflector with inbuilt halogen examination lamp for assessment of Infant color. The heater can be swiveled to either direction.

Electrical Specifications

* Power Supply 220V/50Hz

* Heater Power 650 Watts

* Fuse  5 Amp

Product Dimensions (Approx.)

* Height- 192cm

* Length- 89cm

* Width- 86cm


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