Therapy Unit

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Introducing our Therapy Unit – a comprehensive and versatile medical device designed to provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions for patients in various healthcare settings. This advanced therapy unit is meticulously crafted to deliver targeted treatments, promoting healing and well-being for individuals with diverse medical needs.


Phototherapy UNIT LED  

Specification Therapy Unit :-

Presenting our Overhead Therapy Unit LED, equipped with a mobile stand featuring height adjustment capabilities and a source box that easily swivels. This specialized unit is designed for the treatment of jaundice in newborns. Jaundice poses a significant risk due to elevated bilirubin levels, which can potentially lead to permanent brain damage. The therapy involves exposing the infant to intense light (approximately 4.5 micro watts/ within the wavelength range of 420 to 480nm.

The purpose of this therapy is to address indirect bilirubin, which is not water-soluble. By subjecting the newborn to bright light, this form of bilirubin can be broken down into a harmless, water-soluble metabolite. Crucially, this metabolite does not permeate the blood-brain barrier and is swiftly excreted in the bile and urine, preventing accumulation.

The Overhead Therapy Unit LED is an essential tool in neonatal care, providing a precise and controlled environment for administering light therapy to newborns with jaundice. With its mobile stand and height adjustment features, coupled with the convenience of swiveling the source box, healthcare professionals can ensure optimal positioning and treatment delivery. This unit exemplifies our commitment to effective, safe, and advanced medical solutions for the well-being of newborns.

LED 9-12 hi power LEDs (blue)

irradiance > 42mw / cm2 / nm at 30cm

Light source life time minimum 25,000 hrs.

Less than 10% change in illumination after 25,000 hrs (irradiance)

Wave length 420-480 nm

Variation in intensity for 6 hours < 10%

Effective area 50cm X 30cm.

Electrical: Input voltage 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Height is adjustable : 1230 mm  to 1600 mm

Mobility  –  3 Swivel Castors (2 with brakes)

Led unit rotation –  ± 180° (continuous)

LCD Digital Timer is fitted for lamp usage hours

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