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Introducing the  Endoscopy Machine Huger – a state-of-the-art solution designed to elevate the standards of medical imaging and diagnostic procedures. This advanced endoscopy system is meticulously engineered to provide healthcare professionals with unparalleled visual clarity, versatility, and ease of use.



Product introduction

By adopting the cutting-edge CMOS technology, Huger newly developed 6100H Plus series delivers HD image which facilitates the observation of subtle texture and details of mucosal and capillary structures. This will greatly improve doctors confidence in the accuracy of the diagnosis.


VEP-6100H Plus supports the imaging capturing and video recording function. This function collects and shares the latest clinical finding as experienced for doctor’s diagnosis. Memory data can be stored on USB flash drive.


6100 plus series scopes have wide variety of endoscope that can be used for different applications in different organ systems include the gastroscope, the colonoscope, the bronchoscope, the nasopharyngoscopy, the cystoscope.

The lighter weight and slimmer control grip makes the scope fits gently into your hand and greatly reduces fatigue caused by long time operation



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