Conventional Xray Machine

65.000,00 د.إ 10

Introducing our Conventional Xray Machine – a reliable and essential imaging system designed to provide traditional X-ray examinations for diagnostic purposes. This advanced machine employs proven technology to capture 2D images of the internal structures of the body, offering healthcare professionals valuable insights for a wide range of medical evaluations.

Conventional Xray Machine


The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system providing reliable high quality digital radiography images with reduced dose. The GXR-SD DR systems provides comprehensive digital solutions to ail radiography needs, featuring GXR-SD digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors, reliable high-frequency x-ray generator which has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability Also user-friendly designed various tube stands, patient table and wall stand are offered for user’s choice. The GXR-SD Series DR system will improves your workflow. exam throughput and efficiency with excellent performance.


System type

radiography system




for multipurpose radiography


  • with table, with floor-standing bucky
  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand
  • Floor-Ceiling Mounted Tube Stand
  • Vertical Wall Bucky Stand
  • Elevating Table
  • Floating Tabletop Table


Touch Screen Console

– System Control
– Collimator Control
– X-ray Control
– Viewer

Control Pannel of Automatic Tilting Wall Stand

– Auto Positioning (User Programmable)
– Control of Synchronization with Tube Stand
– Motorized Collimation & Lamp Control
– Motorized Tilting Movement
– Motorized Vertical Movement

  • Ceiling Suspended Tube Stand
  • Wall Bucky Stand Automatic Tilting
  • Wall Bucky Stand Manual Tilting
  • Foot Switch
  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand
  • Elevating Patient Table


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