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Discover the convenience of our Wall Mount Measuring Tape – a versatile and essential tool that combines precision with ease of use. This measuring tape isn’t just a linear tool; it’s a space-saving solution that transforms any wall into a measurement hub.



Wall-mount measuring tape MZ10017

Metal roll-up length measuring tape for wall mounting. Small, space saving device for quick and fast height measuring of patients up to 220 cm. The reading is done at the indicator line in the display window.

Measuring range 0 – 2200 mm Graduation – 1 mm Units – cm Dimensions – 140 x 35 x 130 mm Weight – 180 g

Efficiency meets accuracy with our Wall Mount Measuring Tape. Forget the hassle of traditional tapes; this wall-mounted wonder allows you to measure with precision and speed. The retractable design ensures tangle-free use, providing you with quick and reliable measurements for any project.

Say goodbye to the frustration of misplacing your measuring tape. With our Wall Mount Measuring Tape, it’s always within arm’s reach. The compact yet durable design ensures it’s ready for action whenever you need it. Mount it in your workshop, garage, or any space where quick measurements are essential.


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