Portable Oxygen Cylinder

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Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder 2.5 Litres manufactured by one of the first manufacturer of aluminium High Pressure Cylinders for oxygen (O2) in the region. Being light weight, portable, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic, the portable aluminum oxygen cylinders are widely use in homecare environment, hospitals, Ambulance and Emergency kit.


Aluminum Oxygen Portable

1. On-the-Go Respiratory Support

Elevate Your Mobility

Introducing the Portable Oxygen Cylinder, your personal source of on-the-go respiratory support. Experience the freedom to breathe easy, whether you’re navigating your daily activities, traveling, or enjoying outdoor adventures. The Portable Oxygen Cylinder ensures a reliable and compact solution, allowing you to elevate your mobility without compromising on the quality of respiratory care.

Unlock the potential of on-the-go respiratory support. The Portable Oxygen Cylinder is designed with precision to provide a controlled and efficient flow of oxygen, empowering individuals with respiratory conditions to lead an active and unrestricted lifestyle. Elevate your mobility with a device that combines innovation, reliability, and a commitment to ensuring respiratory well-being wherever life takes you.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design

Breathe Unencumbered

The Portable Oxygen Cylinder boasts a Compact and Lightweight Design, ensuring that you can carry your lifeline to vitality with ease. Whether it’s in your bag, backpack, or attached to a mobility aid, this cylinder allows for unencumbered movement while providing the respiratory support you need. Experience the convenience of compact portability without sacrificing the efficiency of oxygen delivery.

Experience the ease of unencumbered breathing. The compact and lightweight design of the Portable Oxygen Cylinder prioritizes comfort, allowing individuals with respiratory conditions to move freely without the burden of heavy equipment. Elevate your respiratory well-being with a portable solution that blends seamlessly into your active lifestyle.

3. User-Friendly Operation

Simplifying Respiratory Care

Empower yourself with the simplicity of User-Friendly Operation. The Portable Oxygen Cylinder is crafted for ease of use, featuring intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the oxygen flow effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to respiratory support, this device ensures a stress-free and user-friendly experience in managing your oxygen levels.

Experience the ease of respiratory care. The user-friendly operation of the Portable Oxygen Cylinder ensures that anyone can confidently manage their oxygen supply. Elevate your respiratory well-being with a device that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on the precision of oxygen delivery.


  1. Cylinder with inbuild regulator
    2. Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder ( 40% Lighter than steel cylinder)
    3. Easy to handle
    4. Corrosion Resistant interior and exterior wall surface.
    5. Non-Magnetic
    6. No Special Maintence required, only require requalification every five years.
    7. Includes:
    • Valves
    • Regulators
    • Mask – Nasal cannula
    • Trolley
    • Does not include bag
    • Material
    • Manufacture from High strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6


Diameter: 111 mm
Height: 750 mm (Including Valve)
Empty Cylinder Weight: 2.4 Kg (Approx.).


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