Fetal Monitor

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The BT-350 is a microprocessor-based fetal monitor, providing continuous monitoring, display and recording of fetal heart rate(FHR) and uterine contraction(UC) for antepartum testing and monitoring.


Fetal Monitor

Product Description:

  • Up to 150 patients date saving
  • Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
  • Multiple language support
  • Quick guide display
  • Various installation method


 Dual Pulsed Doppler:

  • Ultrasound Frequency: 0.985MHz
  • Intensity: 10mW/cm2 or less
  • FHR Range: 30~240bpm FHR
  • Accuracy: ±2% of Range
  • Auto-detection of Dual Fetal Movement
  • External Type
  • Frequency Response: DC~0.5HZ
  • Reference(Zero) Control
  • Measurement Range: 0~99 units


  • Mark Function
  • FHR II Offset Function
  • Auto Print function
  • Fetal movement print function
  • Multi-language quick guide function: BT-350 LCDTrend:
    Data Saving for 450 hours(3hr/person): BT-350 LCD


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