X-ray Viewer

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Explore the future of diagnostic imaging with our X-Ray Viewer. Offering precision imaging for accurate diagnoses, clarity in visualization, and a user-friendly design for a seamless workflow, this viewer empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions with unparalleled diagnostic excellence.


X-ray Viewer

Illuminating Diagnoses: X-Ray Viewer for Precision, Clarity, and Diagnostic Excellence

Introducing the X-Ray Viewer, a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate diagnostic capabilities with precision, clarity, and unparalleled excellence. With advanced features, user-friendly design, and state-of-the-art technology, this X-Ray Viewer empowers healthcare professionals to make accurate and informed decisions in medical imaging.

1. Precision Imaging for Accurate Diagnoses

Experience diagnostic accuracy at its finest with the X-Ray Viewer’s precision imaging capabilities. The high-resolution display and advanced imaging technology ensure that healthcare professionals can examine X-ray images with exceptional clarity, allowing for meticulous analysis and accurate diagnoses.

Uncover the precision imaging features:

  • High-resolution display for detailed imaging
  • Advanced technology ensuring diagnostic accuracy
  • Meticulous analysis for accurate and informed diagnoses

2. Clarity in Visualization for Enhanced Understanding

The X-Ray Viewer prioritizes visual clarity, providing healthcare professionals with an enhanced understanding of medical images. With optimized brightness and contrast controls, it ensures that subtle details in X-ray images are clearly visible, facilitating a comprehensive and insightful examination.

Discover the clarity in visualization highlights:

  • Optimized brightness for clear visibility
  • Contrast controls enhancing image details
  • Facilitates a comprehensive and insightful examination

3. User-Friendly Design for Seamless Workflow

Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, the X-Ray Viewer features a user-friendly design to streamline the diagnostic workflow. Intuitive controls, adjustable viewing options, and a sleek interface ensure that professionals can navigate through images effortlessly, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Unleash the power of user-friendly design:

  • Intuitive controls for seamless navigation
  • Adjustable viewing options for personalized preferences
  • Streamlined interface enhancing diagnostic efficiency


  • Case made of steel powder coated finish.
  • Front frame made of high intensity aluminum -alloy.
  • Variable adjustment of screen luminance.
  • Four nos of CCFL is used for luminance.
  • Wall mounting model.
  • Screen white polymethyl methacrylate plate.
  • Dim: Length: 470mm Depth: 24mm Height: 545mm


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