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Introducing our Ventilator – a life-saving respiratory support system designed to deliver advanced and precise ventilation care for patients in critical medical conditions. This state-of-the-art ventilator is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide optimal respiratory assistance and ensure the well-being of patients.

Medical Trolley Ventilator PA-900B 

This paragraph ventilator for the multi-mode multi-function universal synchronous machine can be used to aid breathing and adjuvant therapy, the use of bright digital display technology, quick knob to set parameters, external single infrared sensor, a pressure trigger device with advanced heating humidifier, machine through the ISO certification.


  • Pneumatic power control, microcomputer control
  • Operation control panel with clear 10.4′ LCD display, easy to operate
  • High quality humidifier
  • High-quality pipeline, accessories, parts


Ventilator Host

  • Scope: adults, children
  • Drive: pneumatic power control
  • knob operation and touch key
  • Work: time to switch
  • Tidal Volume Adjustment: 50~1500 ml
  • Respiratory Rate: 1~99 bpm
  • I/E ratio: 4:1–1:4
  • (Ptr) Range:-1.0~1.0kPa
  • The upper pressure limit: 1 ~ 6KPa
  • PEEP: 0.1 ~ 1KPa
  • Oxygen concentration : 21% ~ 100% adjustable (optional air compressor)
  • Transfer Time from Controlled to Assistant Respiration:6s
  • Sigh Volume: 150% of tidal volume
  • Ventilation Capacity per Minute:≥18L
  • Maximum Safe Pressure:≤6.0kPa
  • Air supply range:280~600kPa
  • Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, minute ventilation, the total frequency, peak airway pressure, oxygen concentration, self-triggering
  • Alarm parameters: the lack of oxygen supply, airway pressure upper limit airway pressure limit, power, sustained pressure, asphyxia, low tidal volume, oxygen concentration, gas missing
  • Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz



  • Thermostat regulated
  • Automatic over-temperature power-off protection


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