Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Discover the power of deep cleaning with the Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 LTR. Versatile applications, time-efficient sterilization, and a powerful 6-liter capacity for professional results. Elevate your hygiene standards with this compact yet robust ultrasonic cleaner.


Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 LTR: Deep Cleaning Precision for Professional Results

Powerful Cleaning in a Compact Design

Introducing the Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 LTR, a powerhouse in deep cleaning designed for professional results. This compact yet robust cleaner utilizes ultrasonic technology to thoroughly clean and sanitize a variety of items. Elevate your sterilization processes with a cleaner that combines power and efficiency in a 6-liter capacity.

Key features for deep cleaning precision:

  • Ultrasonic vibration for effective and thorough cleaning
  • 6-liter capacity for versatile item cleaning
  • Compact design for space-efficient placement

Versatile Applications

Experience the versatility of the Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 LTR in various professional settings. From dental instruments to jewelry, this cleaner is designed to cater to a wide range of items. Elevate your sterilization standards by incorporating a versatile cleaner that ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of your tools and equipment.

Versatility-driven features:

  • Adjustable cleaning cycles for customized applications
  • User-friendly controls for easy operation
  • Durable stainless steel tank for long-lasting performance

Time-Efficient Sterilization

Streamline your sterilization processes with the Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 LTR’s time-efficient cleaning cycles. The ultrasonic vibration technology accelerates the cleaning process, reducing the time required for thorough sterilization. Elevate your workflow by introducing a cleaner that not only ensures precision but also saves valuable time in your professional routine.

Efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Rapid cleaning cycles for shortened turnaround times
  • Digital display for clear monitoring of cleaning progress
  • Quiet operation for a serene working environment

Product Applications

The ultrasonic sealer can be used widely in many applications

  1. Medical : cleaning of small  amount of pollution , radioactive, high-cleanliness- required  instruments like surgical metal instruments, glassware, injector, and so on in the disinfection rooms of dental clinic, laboratory, hospital.
  2. Business: cleaning of electronic components, watch, jewelry, etc  in repair shops
  3. Household/personal: cleaning of the  housewares like glasses, pacifier, makeup tools, toothbrush and so on.


Technical Details

Tank dimension 330*200*100mm
Tank capacity 6 Liter
Power supply AC 110V, 50Hz, 450W
Ultrasonic power 200W
Heating power 220W
Ultrasonic frequency 40K
Time shifts min
Temperatures 50,55,60°C
Product size 540*320*230mm
NW/GW 7.2/8.6KG
Warranty 1 year


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