Suture Practice Kit

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Elevate your medical training with our Comprehensive Suture Practice Kit. From lifelike simulation to versatile training tools, immerse yourself in a realistic and hands-on experience. Build confidence in suturing techniques with a kit designed for both beginners and advanced learners. Start your journey to mastery today.

Professional suture practice kit for sale online;
Package size: 24 cm * 15 cm * 4 cm;
Kit: 11pcs tools with 11pcs blade;
Shipping weight 0.5 kg,

• This suturing practice kit includes all the essential suture tools in one package.
• A complete suture practice kit with rough finishing its comes with everything you needs to practice your suturing techniques.
• suture pad have the protective mesh at the most superficial layer, the pad won’t be ripped easily.
• You can sterilize and clean these tools without fear. The surgical stainless steel mate-rial won’t rust, break or bend even after years of continuous use.
The set comes in a compact leather case that’s why it very is easy for handling.


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