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Discover MIR 911080 Spirolab: Spirometer + Bluetooth, the innovative solution reshaping pulmonary health assessments. With precision measurements, a user-friendly interface, and portable connectivity, Spirolab empowers healthcare professionals and individuals alike in advancing respiratory care. Revolutionize your approach to pulmonary health with Spirolab technology.



MIR 911080 Spirolab: Spirometer + Bluetooth
Spirometry test:

  • FVC, VC, MVV, PRE/POST Bronchodilator comparison with a wide range of selectable parameters.
  • Paediatric Incentive for Spirometry
  • Fast and silent built-in printer with customizable printout format.
  • Colour Touchscreen 7 inches TFT display.
  • Database up to 10,000 Spirometry tests or 900 hours of Oximetry recording coupled with powerful and flexible search services.

Optional function available:

  • Oximeter with adult or paediatric finger probe.
  • Long life Rechargeable Battery.
  • Available with both DISPOSABLE or REUSABLE turbine flowmeter.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and USB Connectivity
  • Wireless or via cable Real Time test directly on your PC.
  • Winspiro PRO PC software provides Real Time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves with PRE/POST Bronchodilator comparison on your PC. Includes free online updates.
  • Pediatric Incentive for Spirometry with wide choice of pictures and animations.
  • Spirometry test after drug administration
  • Bronchodilator Reversibility, Bronchial Challenge with FEV1-response curve with protocols for both Methacholine and Mannitol.
  • Quanjer 2012-GLI Predicted values with LLN and Z-score
  • Patient Trend Charts for easy follow-up
  • Search engine for instant access to database. Wide choice of communication protocols for integration with EMR.

The standard packaging contains:

  • 1 CD winspiro PRO PC software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Mini flowmeter with cable
  • 1 power supply/battery charger
  • 1 roll of thermal paper
  • 1 nose clip
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 CD with user manual


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