Shaker Laboratory

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Elevate your laboratory experience with the Shaker Laboratory. Precision in every mix, effortless operation with user-friendly controls, and versatile applications for various experiments. Revolutionize your research with the innovative technology of Shaker Laboratory. Invest in efficiency and reliability for your scientific pursuits

1. “Efficiency in Motion: Shaker Laboratory Mastery”

Step into a world of efficient mixing with our Shaker Laboratory, a cornerstone in laboratory technology. Crafted for precision and reliability, this shaker is designed to streamline your sample preparation processes. Elevate your experiments with the seamless efficiency of our Shaker Laboratory, where every motion counts.

2. “User-Friendly Controls for Effortless Operation”

Simplicity meets innovation with our Shaker Laboratory. Equipped with user-friendly controls, this shaker ensures effortless operation, making it accessible for researchers of all levels. Experience the convenience of programmable settings, allowing you to customize your shaking protocols for different samples. Streamline your laboratory workflow with the ease of our Shaker Laboratory.

3. “Versatile Applications for Various Experiments”

Versatility is at the core of our Shaker Laboratory. Tailored for diverse laboratory needs, it adapts seamlessly to various experiments. Whether it’s biological samples, chemical reactions, or microbiological cultures, our shaker provides consistent and reliable results. Unlock the potential of adaptable technology for your research with the Shaker Laboratory.

  • Gyratory action provides gentle yet thorough mixing
  • Hybridization, staining gels, immunostaining and general mixing
  • Safe for use in temperature controlled environments
  • Double platform and larger platforms available
The three dimensional shaking motion of the GyroTwister GX-1000 is extremely efficient, yet gentle, making this shaker ideal for general mixing as well as staining gels, hybridization and other applications. Shaking speed is continuously adjustable across a broad range. A nonslip rubber mat and elastic tie-downs hold samples in place during operation. A dimpled mat is included for holding tubes in place. Larger platforms and a stacked standard platform configuration are available to increase shaker capacity.
Permanently lubricated ball bearings on moving parts provide quiet, maintenance-free operation. The sturdy base lends stability to the unit. The GyroTwister is safe for use in temperature controlled environments, up to 65°C. Standard 30 x 30 cm platform and tube mat are supplied with the shaker

Labnet GyroTwister GX-1000 3-D Shaker is available with the following options:

  • Labnet S1000 Labnet GyroTwister 3-D Shaker with 30 x 30 cm non-slip platform and dimpled tube mat, 120V
  • Labnet S1000-A Labnet GyroTwister Adjustable with 30 x 30 cm non-slip platform and dimpled tube mat, with adjustable tilt angle, 120V

Specifications for Labnet GyroTwister GX-1000 3-D Shaker:

Aone |aonemedical
Speed range: Aone |aonemedical 6 – 60rpm
Aone |aonemedical
Timer: Aone |aonemedical 0 to 180 minutes or continuous
Aone |aonemedical
Motion: Aone |aonemedical Three dimensional, fixed ±7° pitch
Aone |aonemedical
Maximum load: Aone |aonemedical 11 lb/5 kg
Aone |aonemedical
Ambient operating range : Aone |aonemedical +4° to 65°C
Aone |aonemedical
Dimensions (W x D x H): Aone |aonemedical 13 x 13.9 x 8.3 inches/33 x 35 x 21cm
Aone |aonemedical
Weight: Aone |aonemedical 14.3 lb/6.6 kg
Aone |aonemedical
Electrical*: Aone |aonemedical 120V~, 60 Hz
Aone |aonemedical


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