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Upgrade your medical facility with the Roller Mixer Medical Edition. Experience precise mixing, silent efficiency, and adaptability for diverse medical applications. Elevate your laboratory standards and ensure accurate results with this cutting-edge medical mixer. Invest in excellence for enhanced patient care!

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1. “Precision Medical Mixing for Improved Patient Care”

Revolutionize your medical facility with the Roller Mixer Medical Edition. Designed for accuracy and reliability, this specialized mixer ensures precise mixing of medical samples and substances. From blood samples to diagnostic reagents, the Roller Mixer Medical Edition guarantees consistent results, contributing to enhanced patient care and reliable laboratory outcomes.

2. “Quiet and Efficient Operation for Stress-Free Environments”

Create a calm and efficient workspace with the Roller Mixer Medical Edition’s silent yet powerful performance. Its noiseless operation fosters a stress-free environment, crucial in medical settings where concentration is paramount. Experience seamless mixing without disturbances, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care with precision.

3. “Adaptable Mixing for Diverse Medical Applications”

The Roller Mixer Medical Edition adapts to the diverse needs of medical laboratories. With adjustable speed settings and versatile mixing capabilities, this appliance accommodates a range of medical applications. Whether it’s preparing samples for analysis or ensuring homogeneous mixing of medications, the Roller Mixer Medical Edition is the reliable companion for medical professionals seeking accuracy and efficiency.

Product Name: Blood Mixer
Model: KJMR-II
Speed: Swing 0-80 Rpm
Roll 0-80 Rpm
Amplitude: 22mm +/- 1mm
Oscillation Mode: Clockwise


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