Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution

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Discover the future of nebulization with the Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution. With precision aerosol therapy, a user-friendly design, and innovative respiratory care features, this nebulizer redefines the respiratory care experience. Prioritize your respiratory wellness with the Evolution’s advanced technology


Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution

Introducing the Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution, a revolutionary advancement in respiratory care technology. Engineered with precision and designed for optimal aerosol therapy, the Evolution redefines the nebulization experience with its efficient performance, user-friendly features, and innovative design.

1. Efficiency Unleashed: Precision Aerosol Therapy

The Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution sets a new standard in efficient aerosol therapy. Powered by advanced pneumatic technology, it ensures precise and consistent delivery of aerosolized medication. Whether managing chronic respiratory conditions or addressing acute challenges, the Evolution provides efficient nebulization for optimal respiratory care.

Uncover the efficiency features:

  • Precision aerosol delivery for effective therapy
  • Consistent nebulization for various respiratory needs
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation

2. User-Friendly Design for Seamless Nebulization

Designed with user comfort in mind, the Evolution features an intuitive and user-friendly design, ensuring a seamless nebulization experience. The ergonomic build and straightforward controls make it easy for both healthcare professionals and individuals to administer and receive aerosol therapy comfortably.

Discover the user-friendly features:

  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Suitable for users of all ages, from children to adults

3. Innovative Design for Enhanced Respiratory Care

The Evolution’s innovative design goes beyond functionality; it enhances the overall respiratory care experience. With its sleek and modern aesthetic, the nebulizer seamlessly integrates into daily life while delivering cutting-edge aerosol therapy. Elevate your respiratory care with a device that embodies both form and function.

Unleash the power of innovation:

  • Sleek and modern aesthetic for enhanced appeal
  • Integration of cutting-edge technology for advanced performance
  • Elevates the overall respiratory care experience

EVOLUTION is the latest design within CA-MI range of professional piston compressor nebulizers for aerosoltherapy. Indicated for intensive treatments in clinics or hospitals, its innovating design includes a large compartment for storage of accessories and medications, along with a convenient handle for displacement. Efficiency of treatments is ensured by the powerful compressor approved for non-stop operation and the new breath enhanced HI-4 speed jet nebulizer with valve system increasing the speed of nebulization up to 100%. Position of the masks is adjustable by rotation allowing nebulization to bedridden patients or children. 1 x HI-4 Nebulizer 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Nosepiece (non invasive) 1 x Adult mask with elastic strings 1 x Child mask with elastic strings 1 x Air tube 1 x Air Filter Compressor – Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump Power feeding – 230V / 50Hz Max pressure – 3.0 bar 43.5 psi 300 kPa Operating pressure – 0.95 bar 13.7 psi 95 kPa Operating air flow – 8 l/min Neb-rate with 2ml NaCI 0.9% solution – position A (closed) 0.40 ml / pos. B 0.60 ml / pos. C 0.70 ml / pos. D 0.80 ml Duty cycle – Non-stop operation





for general purposes


with compressor, with mask


16 l/min (4.226753 us gal/min)


3.3 µm, 4.1 µm, 4.2 µm

Noise level

60 dB


20 cm (7.87 in)


28 cm (11.02 in)


15 cm (5.91 in)


2 kg (4.41 lb)

  • “Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution: Precision in Aerosol Therapy”
  • “Seamless Nebulization with the Evolution’s User-Friendly Design”
  • “Innovative Respiratory Care: The Evolution’s Modern Design”
  • “Efficient Respiratory Wellness with the Evolution Nebulizer”
  • “Experience Next-Level Nebulization with Pneumatic Nebulizer Evolution”


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