Mercury BP Apparatus

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Experience the reliability of the Mercury BP Apparatus, a classic instrument offering timeless accuracy in blood pressure measurement. Built with durability in mind and featuring modern utility, this apparatus is a trusted choice for healthcare professionals seeking precision in every reading


Mercury BP Apparatus

Introducing the Mercury BP Apparatus, a classic yet precise instrument for measuring blood pressure. Crafted with accuracy and durability in mind, this traditional apparatus stands as a trusted tool for healthcare professionals, delivering reliable blood pressure readings for decades.

1. Timeless Accuracy in Blood Pressure Measurement

The Mercury BP Apparatus upholds a legacy of timeless accuracy in blood pressure measurement. Its mercury column design ensures precise readings, allowing healthcare professionals to obtain dependable blood pressure values for accurate diagnosis and patient care.

Uncover the accuracy features:

  • Mercury column for precise blood pressure readings
  • Trusted accuracy for decades of reliable use
  • Essential tool for diagnostic precision

2. Robust and Durable Construction

Built with durability in mind, the Mercury BP Apparatus features a robust construction that withstands the test of time. The sturdy design not only ensures the longevity of the apparatus but also contributes to its reliability in various healthcare settings.

Discover the durability features:

  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
  • Resilient design for consistent performance
  • Ideal for daily use in medical practices

3. Classic Design with Modern Utility

While embracing its classic design, the Mercury BP Apparatus incorporates modern utility features to enhance user experience. With easy-to-read markings, adjustable cuffs, and user-friendly controls, this apparatus combines the best of tradition and contemporary usability.

Unleash the power of modern utility:

  • Easy-to-read markings for efficient readings
  • Adjustable cuffs for personalized patient comfort
  • User-friendly controls for seamless operation

Product description

  • Brand : Riester
  • Type : Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mmHg
  • 99% pure mercury
  • Precision glass column Internal diameter 4.2 mm +/- 0.2 mm
  • Latex bulb with chromium plated release valve
  • Precision air release valve, wear-free and with fine regulation
  • Microfilter for long life
  • Cuff with two-tube latex bladder
  • Metal faceplate with easy-to-read scale up to 300 mmHg
  • Mercury lock
  • Special seal against mercury contamination
  • Large storage compartment for cuff + latex bulb
  • Cleaning device for glass column


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