Manual Hospital Bed

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Optimize patient care with the Manual Hospital Bed. Featuring user-friendly operation, versatile adjustments, and a focus on comfort, this bed ensures healthcare professionals have a practical and efficient tool to meet the diverse needs of patients in healthcare settings.


Manual Hospital Bed

Experience Optimal Patient Care with the  Manual Hospital Bed: User-Friendly Operation, Versatility, and Comfort

Introducing the Manual Hospital Bed, a reliable and versatile solution designed to enhance patient care in healthcare settings. With user-friendly operation, versatile features, and a focus on comfort, this manual hospital bed provides healthcare professionals with a practical and efficient tool to ensure the well-being of patients.

1. User-Friendly Operation for Effortless Adjustments

The Manual Hospital Bed features user-friendly controls, allowing healthcare professionals to make effortless adjustments to meet the specific needs of patients. With intuitive mechanisms for bed height, backrest elevation, and knee angle adjustments, it ensures quick and easy customization for optimal patient comfort.

Uncover the user-friendly operation features:

  • Intuitive controls for effortless adjustments
  • Quick and easy customization for patient comfort
  • Streamlined operation for healthcare professionals

2. Versatility to Accommodate Diverse Patient Needs

Designed with versatility in mind, the Manual Hospital Bed accommodates diverse patient needs and medical requirements. The bed’s adjustable features, including various height levels and positioning options, make it suitable for a wide range of medical procedures, examinations, and patient care scenarios.

Discover the versatility features:

  • Adjustable height levels for diverse patient needs
  • Various positioning options for medical procedures
  • Accommodates a wide range of patient care scenarios

3. Comfort as a Pillar of Patient Well-Being

Prioritizing patient comfort, the Manual Hospital Bed is equipped with features to enhance the overall well-being of patients during their stay. With a comfortable mattress, smooth bed adjustments, and ergonomic design, it creates a conducive environment for recovery and rest.

Unleash the power of comfort features:

  • Comfortable mattress for optimal support
  • Smooth bed adjustments for a seamless experience
  • Ergonomic design for patient well-being

Movable semi-fowler bed with ABS headboards
Main features:

  1. Epoxy coated bed frame, with Collapsible aluminum alloy side rails, and detachable ABS engineering plastic headboards,
    Single function, which can be operated by crank, the details are as follows:
    (1)back rest:0-70±5º
    3. Anti-bumper in four corners, with I.V. rod locations
    4. Four dia-125mm castors with brakes
    5.  Oversize: 2140mm(L)*940mm(W)*500mm(H)


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