IM8 Vital Sign Monitor

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Experience the pinnacle of health tracking with our IM8 Vital Sign Monitor. Advanced features meet a user-friendly design, providing accurate and real-time insights into your well-being. Portable and powerful, this monitor ensures continuous health monitoring, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Elevate your health tracking journey with IM8 today.


IM8 Vital Sign Monitor (Biocare )

An elegant way of monitoring patient vital signs.

The Biocare IM8 is a vital sign patient monitor that offers an elegant design and lightweight appearance. With its 8.4” high-resolution color TFT display, you will find it useful for monitoring patient vital signs and helping with providing quality patient care. It monitors SpO2, NIBP, and Temp. It is suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. It has a unique human voice alarm and a maximum 300-hour graphic and tabular trends. It comes with 1000 pieces of NIBP record storage. The Biocare IM8 also has a network connection as a central monitoring system and can be easily upgraded to keep you updated. It comes with an optional printer (sold separately).


The Biocare IM8 Patient Monitor includes

  • (1) Biocare IM8 Patient monitor
  • (1) User manual
  • (1) Certificate of Quality
  • (1) Adult SpO2 Finger Clamp Probe – M64-50-010
  • (1) Power cord – M62-01-030
  • (1) BP cuff and hose – M64-52-110
  • (1) Skin Temp Probe – M64-53-110


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