IGEN BP Apparatus

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This IGEN BP Apparatus BP monitor is a clinically validated product. Using AFIB sense technology blood pressure measurement can detect atrial fibrillation of the general population and groups with special conditions. Using Igen blood pressure monitor blood pressure measurements can be taken on a regular period of time and it can help to find serious health conditions of our body.



How to Use:-

Sit straight
Do not cross your legs
Roll your sleeves up
Place the cuff above the elbow on the upper arm Keep it tightly
Cuff should be at the heart level Press the On button to start measurement
When the measurement is completed upper and lower blood pressure will be displayed on the monitor.


Storage Bag

Including Battery

Incorrect Usage Message

Arrhythmya Detection

Easy To Read Large Display

Including AC Adaptor

1 x 120 Memmory

WHO Indicator

3 Year Warranty

Auto Power Off


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