Gynecology Couch

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Experience a new era in gynecological examinations with the Gynecology Couch. Combining modern design, adjustable features for personalized comfort, and premium support, this medical furniture piece ensures a positive and comfortable environment for patients and healthcare professionals alike.


Elevate Patient Comfort and Medical Versatility with the Gynecology Couch: Modern Design, Adjustable Features, and Premium Support

Introducing the Gynecology Couch, a state-of-the-art medical furniture piece designed to enhance patient experience during gynecological examinations. With a modern aesthetic, adjustable features, and premium support, this gynecology couch offers healthcare professionals a versatile and comfortable solution for various medical procedures.

1. Modern Design for a Welcoming Environment

The Gynecology Couch boasts a modern and welcoming design, creating a comfortable environment for patients. With its aesthetically pleasing and contemporary look, it contributes to a positive patient experience, promoting a sense of ease and reassurance during gynecological examinations.

Uncover the modern design features:

  • Contemporary aesthetics for a welcoming atmosphere
  • Comfortable environment for positive patient experiences
  • Contributes to a modern and professional medical setting

2. Adjustable Features for Personalized Comfort

Designed with patient comfort in mind, the Gynecology Couch features adjustable elements for personalized comfort. From adjustable height to customizable positions, this couch allows healthcare professionals to adapt the furniture to the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Discover the adjustable features:

  • Adjustable height for ease of access
  • Customizable positions for personalized comfort
  • Ensures adaptability for diverse patient needs

3. Premium Support for Comprehensive Examinations

The Gynecology Couch is crafted to provide premium support during gynecological examinations. With a focus on durability, ergonomic design, and quality materials, it offers healthcare professionals a reliable and supportive platform for conducting comprehensive examinations with precision.

Unleash the power of premium support:

  • Durable construction for long-lasting reliability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal patient and professional comfort
  • Quality materials for a supportive and stable platform


JM-4F is a model designed for gynecological examinations and interventions. Through 3 motors on the table, it can make height, back and Trendelenburg adjustments.

The roll cover dispenser positioned at the back is placed in order to meet patient comfort and hygiene requirements.

The waste collection system integrated under the sitting area, support hygiene conditions.

The knee support section is made of polyurethane material and can rotate 360 degrees around its own axis and is fixed at the desired angle.

The lifting capacity of the table is 180kg and there are 4 different color options.

Backrest movement +50° Trendelenburg +30° Back length 590 x 875 mm Seat length 600 x 415 mm Number of engines 3 units Number of cushion pieces 2 pieces Wheel diameter “Front Ø57 mm Polyamide material 2 pcs At the back Ø29 mm Brass material 1 piece ” Number of wheels 3 pieces Roll holder Yes Cushion material Visco elastic sponge Waste collection tub Yes Control controller Wired hand and foot controller Standard accessories IV pole OM-110 1 piece Arm support OM-120 1 piece Gynecological knee support






ergonomic, Trendelenburg

Number of sections




Weight capacity

180 kg (396.8 lb)


Max.: 840 mm (33.1 in)

Min.: 540 mm (21.3 in)

Mattress thickness

80 mm (3.1 in)


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