Examination Light

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Elevate your medical examinations with our Examination Light. Featuring advanced lighting technology for enhanced visibility, adjustable features for personalized illumination, and ergonomic design ensuring comfort, this light source is an essential tool for healthcare professionals seeking clarity and accuracy in diagnoses.


Examination Light

Illuminating Precision: Examination Light for Clear Visibility and Accurate Diagnoses

Introducing the Examination Light, a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide optimal illumination during medical examinations. With its advanced lighting technology, adjustable features, and focus on enhancing visibility, this examination light ensures healthcare professionals have the clarity needed for accurate diagnoses.

1. Advanced Lighting Technology for Enhanced Visibility

The Examination Light features advanced lighting technology, delivering superior illumination for medical examinations. With a focus on natural and clear lighting, this technology ensures that healthcare professionals have the visibility required to conduct thorough examinations, leading to more accurate diagnoses.

Uncover the advanced lighting technology features:

  • Superior illumination for clear visibility
  • Natural and clear lighting for accurate diagnoses
  • Enhanced visibility during medical examinations

2. Adjustable Features Tailored to Examination Needs

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Examination Light comes with adjustable features tailored to various examination needs. Adjustable intensity, color temperature, and a versatile range of motion ensure that healthcare professionals can customize the lighting conditions for different procedures, enhancing the overall examination experience.

Discover the adjustable features highlights:

  • Adjustable intensity for personalized lighting
  • Customizable color temperature for diverse procedures
  • Versatile range of motion for adaptable lighting conditions

3. Focus on Ergonomics for Comfortable Examinations

The Examination Light prioritizes the comfort of both healthcare professionals and patients during examinations. With its ergonomic design and user-friendly controls, this light source ensures that examinations can be conducted with precision without causing discomfort, contributing to a positive and efficient healthcare environment.

Unleash the power of ergonomic features:

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable examinations
  • User-friendly controls for easy adjustments
  • Precision without causing discomfort for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Illumination Intensity (max.): 30,000 Lux
  • Color Temperature: 3600±200k
  • Color Rendering Index: Ra≥90
  • Ir Ratio of Absorption: 95%
  • Mains Voltage: -220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz;-110±11V,60Hz±1Hz
  • Bulb Power / Voltage: 35W/12V
  • Service Life of Bulb: 4000h
  • Suitable Illumination Distance: 300-800mm


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