Econet ECG Machine 12 channel

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Experience elevated cardiac monitoring with the Econet ECG Machine 12 Channel. Advanced technology, user-friendly design, and comprehensive insights empower healthcare professionals for precise and informed cardiac care, setting a new standard in diagnostics.

Econet ECG Machine 12 Channel: Elevating Cardiac Monitoring to New Heights

1. Advanced 12-Channel Precision for Accurate Cardiac Analysis

Introducing the Econet ECG Machine with 12-channel precision – a technological marvel for cardiac monitoring. This cutting-edge device ensures accurate cardiac analysis, capturing intricate details with each heartbeat. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities, providing healthcare professionals with the precision needed for informed and reliable decisions.

Uncover the precision of 12-channel technology:

  • Advanced cardiac waveform analysis
  • Accurate and detailed cardiac data
  • Reliable 12-channel ECG readings for precise diagnostics

2. Seamless Integration with Intuitive User Interface

Experience the synergy of technology and user-friendly design with the Econet ECG Machine. Its intuitive interface ensures seamless integration into medical practices, simplifying operation for healthcare professionals. Streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care with this advanced 12-channel ECG solution.

Discover the ease of user-friendly design:

  • Intuitive interface for effortless operation
  • Quick setup for efficient use
  • Enhance efficiency in medical practices

3. Comprehensive Cardiac Insights and Trend Analysis

Go beyond conventional ECG monitoring with the Econet ECG Machine 12 Channel. Gain comprehensive insights into cardiac health through detailed reports and trend analysis. This device empowers healthcare professionals to detect patterns, make proactive decisions, and provide personalized care for optimal patient outcomes.

Unleash the power of comprehensive insights:

  • Detailed reports for thorough cardiac assessment
  • Trend analysis for proactive healthcare planning
  • Empowering healthcare professionals with actionable data


  • Features:
    •Smart and portable design
    • 8.9-inch high resolution TFT touch screen with 15-degree angle, easy to view
    • Waterproof and full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
    • Broad frequency response 0.05~250Hz for weaker signal recognition and capture, more suitable for pediatrics
    • Specific age and gender differential validity in Biocare CardioProTM analysis program maximizes the accuracy of the ECG interpretation
    • Unique ECG acquisition module with 3 independent keys streamlines the whole workflow
    • ECG electrode placement diagram for lead connection guide and alarming
    • Up to 300 seconds frozen waveforms reviewable and recordable
    • Up to 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythms for easier in arrhythmia locating
    • Cabrera mode available
    • Support various file formats: Biocare, XML, DICOM, JPG and PDF
    • Massive local storage for up to 1500 files
    • 3 ways of file storage: local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
    • ECG management software by LAN or WIFI (optional)


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