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Elevate your ECG experience with our specially formulated ECG Gel – ensuring optimal conductivity, skin-friendly comfort, and easy cleanup. Prioritize accuracy and comfort in every electrode placement.

ECG Gel: Conductivity and Comfort in Every Electrode Placement

Optimal Conductivity for Accurate Readings

Enhance the precision of your ECG recordings with our specially formulated ECG Gel. Designed for optimal conductivity, this gel ensures a seamless flow of electrical signals, providing accurate readings during electrocardiogram (ECG) procedures. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or an individual monitoring heart health at home, our ECG Gel guarantees reliable and clear ECG results.

Skin-Friendly Comfort

Experience superior comfort during ECG procedures with our skin-friendly ECG Gel. Formulated with the well-being of the user in mind, this gel provides a smooth and gentle application without causing irritation. Say goodbye to discomfort during electrode placement and hello to a soothing ECG experience. Trust in our ECG Gel to not only optimize conductivity but also prioritize the comfort of every user.

Easy to Clean, Residue-Free

Simplify your ECG procedures with our ECG Gel that is easy to clean and leaves no residue behind. The gel’s non-sticky formula ensures a mess-free application and removal process. Enjoy the convenience of a gel that not only facilitates accurate readings but also makes the post-procedure cleanup hassle-free. Elevate your ECG experience with a gel that prioritizes both efficacy and user convenience.


Professional ECG Medical Ultrasound Transmission Gel. Water Soluble Hypoallergenic Bacteriostatic, Transparent color, Ultrasound and Beauty Application, Non-Sensitizing Gel for Therapeutic Medical. Comes in a 250ml Dispenser Bottle. BioScan Ultrasound Gel is a medium viscosity gel used in ultrasound diagnostic techniques and treatment therapies. Hypoallergenic and salt free. Odorless and will not stain. Specially formulated for medical Ultrasound Gel, all ECG procedures, Diagnostic and therapeutic.


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