Digital Shaker

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Elevate your laboratory experience with the Digital Shaker. Precision in every mix, effortless operation, and versatile applications for various experiments. Revolutionize your research with the intelligent technology of Digital Shaker. Invest in efficiency and reliability for your scientific pursuits

1. “Precision in Motion: Digital Shaker Technology”

Embark on a journey of precise mixing with our Digital Shaker. This state-of-the-art technology redefines your laboratory experience, offering unparalleled control and accuracy in sample preparation. Elevate your experiments with the digital precision of our shaker, setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability.

2. “Effortless Operation, Intelligent Mixing”

Simplicity meets sophistication in our Digital Shaker. With user-friendly digital controls, this shaker ensures effortless operation, making it accessible for researchers of all levels. Experience intelligent mixing with programmable settings, allowing you to customize your shaking protocols for different samples. Streamline your laboratory workflow with the efficiency of our Digital Shaker.

3. “Adaptable Applications for Varied Experiments”

Versatility is at the core of our Digital Shaker. Tailored for diverse laboratory needs, it adapts seamlessly to various experiments. Whether it’s cell culture, chemical reactions, or molecular biology studies, our shaker provides consistent and reliable results. Unlock the potential of adaptable technology for your research with the Digital Shaker.


-Oscillation Frequency: start up- 300times/min


-Timing range: 0-120 min

-Power: 60W

-Loading capacity: 20kg

-Shaking mode: orbital


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