Dental Treatment Unit ZC S300

17.500,00 د.إ 10

“Discover the pinnacle of dental care with the Dental Treatment Unit ZC S300 Offering precision, comfort, and smart connectivity, this unit redefines standards in dental practice. Provide comprehensive treatments with ease, and engage patients like never before for an exceptional dental experience.”


Dental Treatment Unit ZC S300: Redefining Excellence in Dental Care

1. Precision and Comfort Unleashed

Experience the next level of dental care with the Dental Treatment Unit ZC S300, where precision meets unparalleled comfort. This cutting-edge unit is meticulously crafted to prioritize patient comfort and provide practitioners with the tools for precise and efficient dental procedures.

Uncover the precision and comfort features:

  • Ergonomic patient chair for ultimate comfort
  • Advanced instrumentation for precise treatments
  • User-friendly controls for seamless operation

2. Comprehensive Treatment Solutions

The ZC S300 goes beyond conventional dental units, offering a comprehensive array of treatment solutions. Integrated tools and customizable settings empower dental professionals to provide a wide spectrum of treatments, from routine check-ups to intricate procedures, all within a cohesive and efficient system.

Discover the comprehensive treatment features:

  • Integrated tools for versatile treatment options
  • Customizable settings for personalized care
  • Streamlined workflow for efficient dental procedures

3. Seamless Connectivity for Enhanced Patient Engagement

Enter the era of digital dentistry with the ZC S300’s seamless connectivity features. Engage and inform patients with interactive displays, real-time treatment visuals, and digital records. This not only enhances the overall patient experience but also fosters transparent communication between practitioners and patients.

Unleash the power of seamless connectivity:

  • Interactive displays for patient engagement
  • Real-time treatment visuals for transparency
  • Digital records for streamlined communication
  1. Standard configurations
    Dental chair
    • Imported handpiece tubing: 3 pieces
    • Pressure gauge
    • 3-way syringe: 2 pieces (cold & warm)
    • Built-out X-film viewer: 1 set
    • Saliva ejector (water) and strong suction (air)
    • Plastic tray: 1 piece
    • LED operation light with sensor
    • Rotary ceramic cuspidor
    • Double water bottles system
    • All inner air and water tubings are from Taiwan
    • Cup filler/ tray/ tissue box
    • Touch-type assistant control panel
    Dental chair
    • Seamless PU seat with backrest and headrest: 1 set
    • Silent motor: 2 pieces
    • Nine recorded seat positions by programming
    • Compensating system for interaction
    • Multi-functional foot pedal
    • Patient chair with single armrest
    • Dentist stool: 1 set
  2. Optional configurations
    • Top-mounted instrument table
    • Control system for cart
    • Scaler
    • Leather patient chair with backrest and headrest
    • Curing Light
    • Intra-oral camera system
    • Monitor bracket
    • High-speed air turbine handpiece
    • Low-speed air motor handpiece
    • Double armrests
    • Fiber optic handpiece tube (with light)
    • Faro operation light
    • Semi-automatic disinfection system


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