Dental Light Cure

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Experience the future of restorative dentistry with the Dental Light Cure. Swift and reliable curing, precision in applications, and advanced technology for optimal polymerization. Elevate your practice with a light cure that sets new standards in efficiency and effectiveness.


Dental Light Cure: Illuminate Precision in Restorative Dentistry

Advanced Curing Technology

Step into the future of restorative dentistry with the Dental Light Cure, a cutting-edge device designed to illuminate precision in the curing process. This advanced curing light brings efficiency and effectiveness to your dental procedures, ensuring optimal polymerization for various restorative materials. Elevate your restorative dentistry with a light cure that sets new standards in performance.

Key features for curing precision:

  • Powerful LED technology for accelerated curing
  • Adjustable curing modes for versatile applications
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and precise handling

Swift and Reliable Curing

Streamline your restorative procedures with the Dental Light Cure’s swift and reliable curing capabilities. The powerful LED technology ensures quick and thorough polymerization, reducing chair time and enhancing overall efficiency. Elevate your patient experience by offering a restorative solution that is not only effective but also time-efficient.

Efficiency-driven features:

  • Fast curing cycles for shortened appointment times
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Compatibility with common restorative materials for versatility

Precision in Every Application

Achieve precision in every restorative application with the Dental Light Cure’s advanced technology. The adjustable curing modes cater to various materials and procedures, allowing you to customize treatments based on patient needs. Elevate your restorative dentistry practice by incorporating a light cure that delivers consistent and reliable results.

Precision-enhancing features:

  • Adjustable curing time for procedure customization
  • Broad spectrum of curing wavelengths for material compatibility
  • Uniform light distribution for even curing

Woodpecker LED B Cordless LED curing light

Features of the LED B. wireless curing light:

  • The Woodpecker LED B light is a light curing light with LED technology
  • Cable-free
  • Lithium battery:
    • Battery model: ICR18650.
    • Volts and capacity: 3.7V/200mAh.
    • Adapter input: 100V to 240B – 50Hz/60Hz.
    • Battery without memory effect
  • Regarding the light of the light-curing lamp:
    • Light source: blue light.
    • Light wave: 420nm to 480 nm.
    • Light intensity: 100mW/cm
    • It has four modes of working time of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds
    • Power 1000 mW/cm2 – 1700mW/cm2.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Dimensions: 31mm x 34mm x 260mm.
  • The cleaning of the light-curing lamp can be sterilised in an autoclave under high temperature and pressure.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Woodpecker
  • Content: A curing light.


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