Dental Amalgamator

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Experience precision in dental restorations with the Dental Amalgamator. Effortless mixing, patient-centric reliability, and versatile features for superior results. Elevate your practice with this essential tool for perfect amalgamation.


Dental Amalgamator: Precision Mixing for Perfect Restorations

Consistency in Amalgamation

Introducing the Dental Amalgamator, your partner in achieving consistent and precise amalgam mixtures. This essential device ensures that your restorative materials are flawlessly blended, allowing you to create durable and reliable dental restorations. Elevate your restorative procedures with a tool that brings accuracy and reliability to every amalgamation.

Key features for consistent amalgamation:

  • Adjustable speed and time settings for customized mixes
  • Secure clamping system for stable and reliable operation
  • Compact design for versatile placement in your dental workspace

Effortless Mixing, Superior Restorations

Streamline your dental procedures with the Dental Amalgamator’s effortless mixing capabilities. This device is designed to save you time while guaranteeing the perfection of your amalgam mixes. Achieve superior restorations with a tool that simplifies the amalgamation process without compromising on precision.

Efficiency-driven features:

  • Quick and easy setup for immediate use
  • User-friendly controls for hassle-free operation
  • Compatibility with various amalgam capsules for versatility

Patient Satisfaction Through Reliability

Prioritize patient satisfaction by delivering reliable and durable dental restorations. The Dental Amalgamator’s precise mixing ensures the consistency required for successful restorations, providing your patients with the confidence that their dental work is of the highest quality. Elevate your patient-centric care with a tool that enhances the reliability of your procedures.

Patient-friendly features:

  • Noise reduction for a calm treatment environment
  • Swift mixing process for reduced chair time
  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort during restorative procedures

About the item

  • Device for the blending of silver amalgam capsules and glass ionomer cement.
  • Security Guard design, motor will stop when the mask is open.
  • Digital Display.
  • Strong Mixing Power.
  • Time setting with memory function.


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