Cryosurgery Machine

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Cryosurgery Machine

Revolutionize Skin Lesion Treatment with the Cryosurgery Machine: Precision, Comfort, and Advanced Cryotherapy

Introducing the Cryosurgery Machine, a cutting-edge device that transforms skin lesion treatment. Engineered for precision and patient comfort, this advanced cryotherapy machine offers dermatologists and healthcare professionals an effective solution for targeted lesion removal and skin therapy.

1. Precision Cryotherapy for Targeted Lesion Removal

The Cryosurgery Machine is designed for precision in treating skin lesions. Utilizing advanced cryotherapy technology, it delivers targeted freezing to the affected areas, ensuring effective lesion removal. This precision is crucial for dermatologists seeking optimal outcomes in skin therapy.

Uncover the precision features:

  • Advanced cryotherapy technology for precise treatment
  • Targeted freezing for effective lesion removal
  • Optimal outcomes in skin therapy

2. Patient Comfort and Minimal Discomfort

Prioritizing patient comfort, the Cryosurgery Machine minimizes discomfort during the skin lesion treatment process. With controlled freezing and thawing cycles, it ensures a more comfortable experience for patients, promoting adherence to treatment plans and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Discover the comfort features:

  • Controlled freezing and thawing for minimal discomfort
  • Enhanced patient experience during cryotherapy
  • Promotes adherence to skin therapy treatment plans

3. Advanced Cryotherapy Techniques for Versatile Skin Therapy

The Cryosurgery Machine offers advanced cryotherapy techniques, expanding its use beyond lesion removal. Dermatologists can leverage this device for various skin therapy applications, including wart removal, scar reduction, and other cosmetic dermatology procedures, providing a versatile solution for comprehensive skin care.

Unleash the power of advanced cryotherapy techniques:

  • Versatile applications for skin therapy procedures
  • Wart removal, scar reduction, and cosmetic dermatology
  • Comprehensive solution for diverse skin care needs

The BT-350 is a microprocessor-based fetal monitor, providing continuous monitoring, display and recording of fetal heart rate(FHR) and uterine contraction(UC) for antepartum testing and monitoring.

Product Description:

  • Up to 150 patients date saving
  • Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
  • Multiple language support
  • Quick guide display
  • Various installation method


 Dual Pulsed Doppler:

  • Ultrasound Frequency: 0.985MHz
  • Intensity: 10mW/cm2 or less
  • FHR Range: 30~240bpm FHR
  • Accuracy: ±2% of Range
  • Auto-detection of Dual Fetal Movement
  • External Type
  • Frequency Response: DC~0.5HZ
  • Reference(Zero) Control
  • Measurement Range: 0~99 units


  • Mark Function
  • FHR II Offset Function
  • Auto Print function
  • Fetal movement print function
  • Multi-language quick guide function: BT-350 LCD

Data Saving for 450 hours(3hr/person): BT-350 LCD


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