Coagulation Machine 2 channel

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Experience accurate clotting analysis with the Coagulation Machine. Versatile clinical applications, user-friendly efficiency, and advanced technology make this machine an essential tool for precise diagnoses. Elevate your clinical practice with the reliability and convenience of the Coagulation Machine.

Coagulation Machine: Accurate Clotting Analysis for Clinical Confidence

Advanced Coagulation Analysis Technology

Introducing the Coagulation Machine, a cutting-edge instrument designed for precise analysis of blood clotting. This machine employs advanced coagulation analysis technology, providing accurate and timely results for various clinical applications. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with a coagulation machine that combines accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendly features.

Key features for clotting analysis:

  • Multiple testing parameters for comprehensive analysis
  • Automatic sample mixing for uniform results
  • Touchscreen interface for intuitive operation

Versatile Applications in Clinical Settings

Explore the versatility of the Coagulation Machine in various clinical settings, from hematology labs to point-of-care applications. This machine is a reliable companion for assessing coagulation profiles, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses. Elevate your clinical workflows by incorporating a tool that adapts to the diverse needs of your diagnostic processes.

Versatility-driven features:

  • Quick turnaround time for efficient patient care
  • Small sample volume requirement for minimal patient discomfort
  • Pre-calibrated reagents for hassle-free operation

User-Friendly Operation and Efficiency

Simplify your coagulation analyses with the Coagulation Machine’s user-friendly design and efficient features. The touchscreen interface allows easy programming and result interpretation, ensuring a seamless workflow. Elevate your clinical practice by using a coagulation machine that combines precision with convenience.

Efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Barcoded sample identification for error reduction
  • Real-time monitoring of clotting reactions for accuracy
  • Compact design for space-efficient placement in your lab


  • Advanced scattered light principle and percentage analysis ensure accurate results.
  • Low reagent consumption less than 20uL, open reagent.
  • Special testing cup location system, adding sample bracket
  • Advanced optical light matching system ensure precision result.
  • Optional PT Derived method for testing fibrinogen, decease the dosage of reagent
  • Top quality thermostat, precision 37±0.3℃
  • Dispense precision: CV< 2%
  • Memory for 10.000 testing result
  • Internal thermal printer
  • 240* 128 large LCD display.
  • Electronically-linked pipette optional
  • Perform all routine tests such as PT. APTT. TT Fibrinogen and clotting factors.
  • RS232 interface, PC connecting


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