Chemistry Analyzer

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Immerse yourself in a new era of scientific discovery with our Chemistry Analyzer. Experience unrivaled precision, efficient diagnostics, and versatile technology. Propel your laboratory towards impactful breakthroughs with reliable and adaptable analysis. Invest in cutting-edge excellence for your research endeavors

1. “Scientific Excellence Unleashed: Chemistry Analyzer”

Explore the pinnacle of laboratory technology with our Chemistry Analyzer, a marvel in scientific analysis. This cutting-edge analyzer is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy in chemistry diagnostics. From comprehensive metabolic panels to specialized testing, our Chemistry Analyzer empowers laboratories with the precision needed for in-depth research and diagnostics, ensuring reliable results for a wide range of applications.

2. “Efficiency Meets Precision for Timely Results”

In the dynamic world of scientific research, time is a valuable asset. Our Chemistry Analyzer is engineered for efficiency, providing rapid and reliable results without compromising the accuracy demanded by researchers and healthcare professionals. Streamline your laboratory workflow with automated processes and intuitive controls. With this analyzer, achieve the perfect synergy of speed and precision, enhancing your capability for timely and impactful discoveries.

3. “Adaptable Technology for Diverse Analytical Needs”

The versatility of our Chemistry Analyzer sets it apart. Tailored to meet the diverse demands of modern laboratories, this analyzer adapts seamlessly to various analytical needs. Whether performing routine tests or specialized research, its adaptable technology ensures consistent and reliable results. Elevate your laboratory’s capabilities with a tool that grows with your evolving scientific pursuits.

BS-240 is a “CUTE”, multi-functional benchtop chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests per hour. Though with a compact size, it has achieved a host of advanced functions never before found on alike products in the market, making it an optimal chemistry solution for small laboratories and a back-up tool for mid-to-high volume laboratories.


40 positions for sample and 40 positions for reagent, 40 interchangeable to extend.


Step-by-step maintenance guide for easy operation; Upgraded auto-washing system ensures low carryover and low water consumption.


Smart-sampling technology enables automatic hemolysate preparation for HbA1c test. Pretreatment-free operation guarantees high productivity.


A minimum of 100μl reaction volume for reagent saving.


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